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Science and research

This section provides an overview of the research centres and laboratories at the faculties:

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Astronomical and Geodetic Observatory

Central Laboratories

Department of Building Construction

Department of Building Technology

Department of Mapping and Land Consolidation

Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering

Hydraulic laboratory

Laboratories of Building Materials

Laboratory of Building Services

Laboratory of Deformation Monitoring of Structures

Laboratory of Department of Steel and Timber Structures

Laboratory of Geoinformatics

Laboratory of Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation

Laboratory of Load-bearing structures

Laboratory of Parallel Computing in Science and Technology

Laboratory of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Laboratory of soil and rock mechanics

Laboratory of Structural Mechanics

Laboratory of Traffic Engineering

Research and experimental laboratory of land and water resources management

Thermo-Hygro Physical Laboratory



Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Biomass Laboratory

Laboratory of Automatic Control and Mechatronics

Laboratory of the Department of Hydraulic Machine

Laboratory of Generative Design

Laboratory of the Heat and Mass Transfer

Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engines

Laboratory of Metallography

Laboratory of Mobile Working Machines

Laboratory of operational life-time for structures and non-destructive material diagnostics

Laboratory of Paper

Laboratory of Particulate Materials

Laboratory of Physics

Laboratory of Testing of mechanical properties

Laboratories of the Institute of Thermal Power Engineering

Technological center of plastics processing

Tribological laboratory


Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Robotics centre

Photovoltaic Laboratory

Laboratories of Automotive Mechatronics

Laboratory of Electric Protections

Laboratory of Power Systems

Department of Transmission Systems

Laboratory of Optocommunication Systems and Networks LOSS

Laboratory of AFM/MFM Microscopy

HTC-EMC „High-tech centre of electromagnetic compatibility“

Laboratory of Overvoltage Protection

Optoelectronics Laboratory

Laboratory of Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy

Testing Laboratory of lighting devices and photometry

Laboratory of Mössbauer spectroscopy

NGN laboratory

Audio laboratory

Laboratory of the renewable energy sources

High-voltage laboratory

Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology

Dept. of Inorganic Chemistry

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Technology and Materials

Laboratory of EPR Spectroscopy

Laboratory of Gene Engineering

Laboratory of heterogenous catalysis 

Laboratory of Microscopic Analysis

Laboratory of Natural Products Chemistry

SPECTROLab - Absorption Molecular Spectroscopy and Colorimetry

Laboratory of Bioprocess Engineering

Laboratory of non-classical and classical synthesis of heterocycles with green chemistry approach

Laboratory of recyclation of secondary waste into fuels, additives and asphalts

Laboratories of stereoselective synthesis and catalysis

Laboratory of thermal decomposition of hydrocarbon raw materials, waste tires, plastics and biomass to chemicals and fuels

Laboratory of thin film printing


Faculty of Architecture

Centre of Sustainable and Efficient Architecture - "Architecture 2020"

BCDLab - Body Conscious Design Lab

Centre of Design for All

Laboratory of Model Simulation


Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava

CAD laboratory

Center of Excellence for Materials Diagnostic - APRODIMET

Environmental and Geochemical Laboratory

Chemical Laboratory

Laboratory of Analytic Methods

Laboratory of Automation Technology

Laboratory of Flexible Manufacturing systems with robotized manipulation

Laboratory of pneumatics and electro-pneumatics

Laboratory of Renewable Energy Sources

Laboratory of Robotics

Laboratory of Soldering

Laboratory of Thermal Analysis

Laboratory of Thermomechanics

Laboratory of Thermal Safety

Laboratory of Utiliation of Biomass

Machine Dynamics Laboratory

Solar Energy Lab

Virtual Laboratory of pneumatic and electropneumatic systems


Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies

Laboratory of Computer Vision and Graphics

Douglas Engelbart User eXperience Research Laboratory (UX lab)

Herbert Simon Personalized Learning Laboratory

Edgar Codd Big Data Laboratory

Laboratory of Network Technologies

Laboratory of Network Subjects Teaching

Embedded Systems Laboratory

Research Laboratory FIIT - Molpir