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Science and research

Faculty of Chemistry and Food Technology

Department/Institute: Institute of Natural and Synthetic Polymers
Contact person:         AssocProf. Milan Mikula
Contact:                    +421 2 5932 5222
e-mail:                      milan.mikula@stuba.sk
web page:                 http://www.chtf.stuba.sk/kpaf/indexe.phphttp://www.fchpt.stuba.sk/$2203$


Preparation of thin layers based on organic and inorganic materials and their composites for printed electronics and material printing applications by screen printing, ink-jet and other coating techniques as doctor blade, dip coating and spin coating. Light aging control.

  • Optimalization of screen printing compositions
  • Patterned printing with different shapes of printed features and different layer thickness
  • Conductive and semiconductive electrodes and layers based on dispersions of nano-oxides, conductive polymers, nano-metals, carbon nanotubes in different compositions for printed electronic, solar applications and sensorics.



5 RP EU Hiproloco: Analysis of thin film barrier layers

6 RP EU Sustainpack: Analysis of new types of foil materials

VEGA 1/0811/11: Stability of color layers in graphic object of cultural heritage

VEGA 1/0818/13: Thin films in printed electronics and photovoltaics on plastic foils

APVV-0324-10 Methods of Spectroscopic Investigation of Documents as a Tool of Forensic Assessment



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Criminalistic Institute PZSR,

Printing Houses of SR,

University of Pardubice,

University of Technology Brno,


Fig. 1: Doctor blade Coater

Fig. 2: Screen printing

Fig. 3: Light aging tester Q-Sun Xe-1-S