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Science and research

As one of few Central European universities, STU has its own technology business incubator focused on supporting small technological enterprises. It was established thanks to the support from the PHARE fund. Since 2005, the incubator has been renting premises at advantageous rates to innovative start-up companies. In addition, it offers a range of support and consulting services. So far, the incubator has supported 42 start-up companies and hundreds of individuals.

Incubator offers following two programs:

The Start-up Office program is designed mainly for students and graduates, who plan to establish their own innovative business with focus on production in the area of technology. For 3 months, they can use an equipped office, as well as consulting in the area of setting up a business and drafting a business plan.

The InQb Program is designed for those who are either planning to, or have already established their own innovative business focused on production in the area of technology. During a period of 3 years, the incubated companies can use a wide range of benefits as renting premises (office space and conference rooms) at advantageous rates, including technical support, consulting and marketing services.

In case of more information please do not hesitate and contact us:

E-mail:        info@inqb.sk

Phone:        +421 2 492 12 492

More information: http://www.inqb.sk