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Science and research

Centres of Excellence

Centre of Excellence of Integrated Flood Protection Systems
The centre studies and proposes methods, elements and activities that serve to secure the protection of people and environmental systems from extremes of the hydrological regime. It renders water-management services to citizens, industry, agriculture, production of hydropower and water transport. It systematically monitors the amount and environmental quality of waters and introduction of new methods for water planning and catchment areas’ management. 
Prof. Ing. Peter Dušička, PhD.
e-mail: peter.dusicka@stuba.sk
phone: +421 903 240 761

Centre of Excellence for Diagnostic Method of Materials

The centre is oriented on analytical methods using the most up-to-date knowledge from the interaction of electron and laser pencil with matter, and the top detection systems with high sensitivity, modern mechanical methods and observing electric and non-electric quantities.
Methods are focused on evaluating specific characteristics of mostly progressive metallic and non-metallic materials.
Assoc. prof. Ing. Ľubomír Čaplovič, PhD.
e-mail: lubomir.caplovic@stuba.sk
phone: +421 918 646 043

Centre of Excellence for the Settlement Infrastructure Development of the
Knowledge-Based Economy

Research activities of this centre offer tools for optimising the infrastructure of settlement and for space optimising economic activities from the point of view of sustainability of land development and of creation of the micro-environment of humans. They are focused on harmonising settlement activities and on sustainable use of natural resources, including land space, due to systems of values, demands and possibilities of the knowledge-based society.  

Prof. Ing. arch. Maroš Finka, PhD.
e-mail: maros.finka@stuba.sk
phone: +421 905 612 465

National Centre for Research and Application of Renewable Energy Sources
The centre focuses on spheres of renewable and permanently sustainable energy resources like bio-mass, solar and water energy. It creates favourable conditions for immediate cooperation between research and social and economic practice which will enable the effective transfer of scientific knowledge to practical life.
Prof. Ing. František Janíček, PhD. 
e-mail: frantisek.janicek@stuba.sk
phone: +421 2 6029 1298

Centre of Excellence of Five Axis Machining
The centre is oriented on research in forming areas of 5-axis technologies (milling, lathing, ultra-sound processing). By concentrating most modern high-speed, several-axis and multi-energy technologies, the centre gained its unique character in Slovakia.
Prof. Dr. Ing. Jozef  Peterka
e-mail: jozef.peterka@stuba.sk
phone: +421 905 930 245

Centre of Exelence for SMART Technologies, Systems and Services
Experts in this area actively co-operate with all key national and in-ternational organisations. Among others, they achieved good results in many fields, e. g. micro- and nanoelectronics, sensors, photonics (in femtosecond scale), software development, information systems, artificial intelligence, automation, cybernetics, telecommunications and computer science.
Prof. Ing. Daniel Donoval, DrSc.
e-mail: daniel.donoval@stuba.sk
phone: +421 2 6029 1372, +421 2 6029 1358, +421 2 6542 3486

Centre of Cooperation for Transfer of Innovative technologies from research to Practice
The centre secures implementation of research at the Slovak University of technology, in which industrial institutions have shown interest. It concentrates intellectual potential, support, speeds up and simplifies the transfer of top technologies to industrial practice with their evaluation as well as valorisation and copyright protection.
Prof. Ing. František Uherek, PhD.
e-mail: frantisek.uherek@stuba.sk
phone: +421 2 6029 1369, +421 2 6029 1883 

Centrum of Excellence for Industrial Bio-technology
The centre focuses on research and development of production of special bio-chemicals. The built experimental checking unit increases the level and quality of research, by introducing new devices, machines, processes and technologies on a regional as well as international level.
Prof. Ing. Milan Polakovič, CSc.
e-mail: milan.polakovic@stuba.sk
phone:  +421 918 674 254