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Institute of Lifelong Learning

22.1.2022 - Announcement - study of the Slovak language

Institute of Lifelong Learning (ILLL) is a department of the Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava with university-wide activities, established in 2001, with more than 200 instructors/tutors and yearly more then 3000 LLL students are taking part on the courses prepared by ILLL. The focus is in language and information technologies. ILLL supports elderly people and other risk groups to benefit from better involvement into modern, multicultural, technology community. ILLL is equipped not only to provide modern LLL with lecture, computer and language laboratories but also to provide support services online. ILLL is member of national but also international professional bodies involved into university LLL (Slovak Association of Institutions of LLL, European University Lifelong Learning Network, etc.). The expertise in the field of LLL was appreciated in national and international projects  but also in amending Slovak law on LLL, different EU consolation processes (LLL memorandum, e-learning reports, continuing education and training for adults etc.)
ILLL covers lifelong learning and provides educational activities and courses with current content especially in cross-sectional areas and fields of study and interdisciplinary fields of study and uses classical as well as modern methods. Advantage of educational activities and courses organised by ILLL is, that teaching is covered by reputable specialists from universities with experiences from practice and pedagogical approaches are adapted to requirements of students. In distance learning possibility to "study at a distance" is provided together with "tailor-made" studies. Well equipped classrooms with computers and audio-visual technique are available for students.
ILLL is supporting new trends in education - distance education, flexible learning, e-Learning with multimedia support. ILLL has developed international co-operation with similar institutions. 

Institute of Lifelong Learning consists of:

Department of the director

Education Centre

University of the Third Age 

Language Centre



MSc. Regína Remenárová, director
Vazovova 5
812 43 Bratislava
tel.:  +421 917 669 019
e-mail: regina.remenarova@stuba.sk

BSc. Eva Hotová
Tel.: +421 917 669 456
e-mail: eva.hotova@stuba.sk


Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Miroslav Babinský, miroslav.babinsky@stuba.sk , +421 917 669 548


Education Centre according to public and community interest prepares and provides educational activities having continuing/further educational character by means of various methods and forms. It provides possibilities for acquirement, upgrading, improvement and innovation of professional qualification and retraining. Provision of educational activities includes a wide scope of methods and forms from face-to-face
short-term courses supported by "classical" form of textbooks to long-term courses provided by distance education method supported by advanced information methods (e-Learning with multimedia support, online courses, etc.).
For example, from January 2006 the centre runs a popular course “Seniors online” for elderly people (female over 45 years old, male 50 years old) as a regular meeting for people interested to learn or to upgrade their knowledge in ICT skills. Participants meet with their tutors every Monday at computer classroom of ILLL.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Martina Krbaťová, martina.krbatova@stuba.sk, tel.: +421 917 669 526


University of the Third Age (UTA) at the Slovak University of Technology (SUT) in Bratislava belongs to the youngest universities of third age in Slovakia. As official date of its establishment may be regarded 15th October 1998, when the UTA at SUT was admitted into the Association of Universities of the Third Age in Slovakia. Ceremonial opening of teaching together with matriculation of first learners, took place on 23rd October 1998 with involvement of the Rector, Vice-rector for education, Rector's academic secretary and invited guests.

In academic year 2005/2006 UTA entered in the eighth year of its living. Repeatedly the first general year for new students was opened and number of fields of study for those who finished general year of study - whether at UTA at SUT, at UTA at Comenius University in Bratislava, or at other UTA in Slovakia - increased to eight (fields of study): History of Architecture, Architecture and Urban Planning, Garden and Landscape Architecture, Food and Health, Care about Physical and Mental Health, Computers, Practical Utilisation of Computers and Internet.  The first group of fields of study – History of Architecture, Architecture and Urban Planning, Garden and Landscape Architecture – all three are helping older people to recognize historical beauty of the world they are living in and/or they are visiting as tourists. Lectures in another two study fields - Food and Health, Care about Physical and Mental Health - are bringing interesting knowledge combined with useful advices for a meaningful, more optimistic and more healthy life in the senior age. The third group of study fields includes: Computers (2 years), Practical Use of Computers (one or more years according the interest of senior students) and course on Internet (one year). Offer of the fields of study will be gradually expanded in the future according to possibilities of SUT and interests of students.

The main form of teaching at the UTA are regular lectures, practical training in the own PC laboratory and additional forms e.g. field trips, unplanned lectures, club meetings. Lectures took place once in two weeks (according to schedule valid for a given academic year), every lecture is joint with discussion. There are at least 14 lectures during academic year. Lecturers are prominent academic teachers from SUT, but also from other Slovak universities, scientific institutions and practice. Content structure of lectures of the first general year of study is affected by the reality, that the UTA is situated at technical university. The main guarantee of the UTA at SUT is Vice-rector for education at SUT and selected professional guarantees are responsible for professional content of given fields of study. According to actual assessments of students, the lectures are interesting, comprehensible also for strangers in a given field and in live discussions interchange of experiences is there too.

Study at the UTA runs usually three years (general year + 2 years of optional field of study) and in every academic year is managed by Academic and Study Instructions, which are a part of Study programme.


Contact: Dr. Laura Gressnerová (M.A.), E-mail: jazykove.centrum@stuba.sk, Tel:+421 917 669 198

Language Centre operates at STU already from year 1991. During this period grew out and profiled as successful language school offering language learning on every knowledge levels with a possibility to acquire foreign certificates, as well as preparation and realisation of state exam. Study for the state exam, which takes 6 years in standard courses, after every term students have a test and are graded. The offer is broaden to language courses in specific fields of study. Open system of study is suitable for individual requirements of students and staff of SUT as well as to general public. Language centre offers courses in English and German for beginners, intermediate, mediate and advanced students and a possibility to accomplish study with state exam. Language Centre offers also summer courses in English, German and Spain.

Web: https://www.stuba.sk/english/university-workplaces/institut-of-life-long-learning/language-centre-illl.html 

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Here is the Slovak version of ILLL pages  and Slovak pages of its parts:

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