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Institute of Lifelong Learning

Project: PAPILL- Policies And Practices In Lifelong Learning

Project No:  147777-LLP-2008-BG-KA1-KA1NLLS
Programmme: LLP-KA1 - Transversal programme - NLLS (National Lifelong Learning Strategies),
Lasting: 1.1.2009 - 31.12.2009
Web: www.eupractices.eu

Human Resource Development Centre BG
Ministry of Education and Science, Directorate 'Policy in VET and Continuing Training' directorate, BG
Comenius University, Faculty of Education ,SK
State Institute of Vocational Education, SK
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Institute of Lifelong Learning,SK
Institute for Sustainable Technologies (ITeE-PIB), PL
Lithuanian Centre for Adult Education and Information, LT
Institute Technology and Education, DE
GOVERNORSHIP OF ISTANBUL, Foreign Affairs and EU Coordination Center , TK
National Agency for Community Programmes in the Field of Education and Vocational Training, RO
Organization for Vocational Education and Training, EL
Foundation for Lifelong Learning Development Innove, EE

Project: Professional MBA Automotive Industry
Programme: Cross- border cooperation between SR and Austria (Program cezhraničnej spolupráce Slovenská republika – Rakúsko 2007-2013) http://www.sk-at.eu/

Start: 8.4.2008
Duration: 36 mes.
VIENNA REGION Wirtschaft.Raum.Entwicklung.GmbH ACVR
Technische Universität Wien
Web: automotive.stuba.skautomotive.tuwien.at

Project: BABEL
Programme: EACEA
Call: Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) LEONARDO DA VINCI Multilateral project
Start: 30.2.2008
Duration: 24 m.
BE Securitas Training nv/sa
BE Confederation of European Security Services
SK University of Technology – Institute of Lifelong Learning
BE Lerian-Nti Languages NV
NO Steen & Strøm ASA
NL RVM Vastgoedmanagement
BE Devimo Sud SA



Programmme: European Cooperation Projects and Grundtvig Training Courses (Socrates/Grundtvig 1 n° 2006 – 2578 / 001 - 001)
Start of the project:           1.10.2006
End of the project:            30.9.2008
Coordinator of the project:  Marek Nikel, Euro-Projektservis
Web page:                        http://neighbours.spsa.sk/
Partners in the project:

Main goal of the project: Promoting internet literacy of elderly people by creating virtual places to come together with European neighbours

E-learning @lf@-bet@ project

Programmme: EU e-learning DG EAC/26/04 2004-3037/001-001 ELE-ELEB11
Start of the project:           1.1.2005
End of the project:            30.4.2006
Coordinator of the project:  Associazione Formazione 80 / IT
Web page:                        http://alphabetaproject.free.fr/ 
Partners in the project:

  • Heure Exquise / France
  • Universitŕ di Pisa / Italy
  • NLCEN London
  • Procom / Italy

Main goal of the project: creation of portal and tools -  "Zone d'Echange" as virtual virtual space for multimedia communication for risk groups too. Tasks solved by ILLL within project:

  • analysis of using and accessibility of ICT in SR
  • analysis of risk groups especially immigrants and possibilities of using Internet 
  • creation of multimedia content 

Project SEN-NET, “Seniors in Net“ within  Socrates Grundtvig programme

Start of the project:   1.10. 2005
End of the project:   30.9. 2007
Coordinator of the project:    Assoc. Prof. Božena Mannová , PhD.  Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Czech Republic
Web of the project: http://sennet.felk.cvut.cz/

Partners in the project:

  • Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) – coordinator
  • Universidad Permanente, Universidad de Alicante/Permanente University, University of Alicante, Spain
  • University of Technology Brno, Czech Republic
  • University College Cork, Ireland
  • ITTT - Mjärdevi Science Park, Linköping, Sweden
  • Göteborgs Universitetet/ Göteborg University, Sweden
  • MirandaNet, London University, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK)
  • Universidade Catolica Portuguesa/ The Catholic University of Portugal, Porto, Portugal
  • Institute of Lifelong Learning at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovak Republic                  

Main targeted thematic area of the proposed project SEN-NET is support seniors education in ICT skills and creation of network of educators.

In frame of the project suitable models of this education will be created and distance learning, blended learning and e-learning into the models will be integrated.

Experts in the field of seniors ICT education are providing the following elements:

  • To develop a set of modules or learning objects that looks at required skills for educators who work with seniors at educational and training institutions.
  • To provide content for pilot courses run by partner countries.
  • To build useful teaching tools (an interactive CD ROM and e-learning community) and a course manual that will help training establishments deliver effective ICT training for seniors.
  • To create an interactive website Virtual Centre. It will act as a catalyst for the building and sharing knowledge among teachers and trainers of seniors on national and international level. It will comply with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines.
  • To specify seniors needs on ICT HW and SW and put down recommendations for ICT industry.

The target groups include educators and other personnel involved in the training and social assistance of seniors.

A strong focus will be on including members from the seniors community who will be asked to be included in the project design and creation of materials from conceptualisation to delivery.

The goal of SEN-NET (Seniors in Network) Project is to build a training materials for ICT seniors education that can be administered to newly qualified or experienced educators in the field of education and training seniors in using ICT to become a member of e-society. Under the project  a network of educators and trainers to exchange experience and materials will be built. Virtual Centre for such educators will be created on Web. This Virtual Centre will help not only to educators in partner’s countries, but it will help to distribute ideas and materials to other EU countries. Materials will be created in different countries with different support and usage of ICT among seniors, so there will be materials for developed countries and for newly joined EU countries and countries with lack of tradition of senior’s education and less technologies among seniors. From research done on field of ICT seniors’s education will be derived not only methodology of teaching, assessment a management of such courses but also recommendations for industry what seniors need from ICT HW and SW products.

EULLearN - “European University Lifelong Learning Network” -within Socrates Erasmus programme –Socrates Thematic Network

Start of the project:           2001
End of the project:  31. 9. 2006
Co-ordinator of the project:Prof. Petras Baršauskas, ISM University of Management and Economics, Kaunas, Lithuania
Web page: http://www.eullearn.net

This Thematic Network supported the exchange of good practices and the identification of common problems, ideas and priorities through the work of three Targeted Thematic Groups (TTGs):

  • TTG A – LLL Methods and Environments, Common Core References, Lifelong Learning Materials
  • TTG B – National University Lifelong Learning Networks and European Co-operation
  • TTG C – Accreditation in LLL, APEL and ECATS in LLL (APEL - Accreditation of Prior Experiental Learning, ECATS -European Credit Accumulation and Transfer Systems)

During 3 years of the Network existence, 112 partners of EULLearN made more than 50 outside visits, participated in 30 national and 45 international conferences or events where they introduced EULLearN aims, objectives and outcomes.

EULLearN products:

  • the Managers' Handbook,
  • the book on APEL "Recognising Experiential Learning: Practices in European Universities", Joint European Masters Programme in LLL,
  • the scheme of the WELL: Web-based portal on LLL -WELL

The expertise of EULLearN partners was applied at the national level for developing and strengthening National networks.

Note :European Commission has selected proposal on the EULLearN Dissemination year for a Community co-fincing. As for the commitments for the EULLearN Dissemination Year - EULLearNDis - the Network will involve 77 partners from 31 European countries to promote the integration of EULLearN results/products in teaching and learning.

ESF projects


ESF project - Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of SR “Improvement of IT Skills of Seniors at Risk of Loss of Work, Sole Traders and Small Entrepreneurs”
Coordinator: U3A ILLL at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia

Directory of the UTA at SUT elaborated in 2004 a project within ESF named “Improvement of IT Skills of Seniors at Risk of Loss of Work, Sole Traders and Small Entrepreneurs”, which was approved by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of SR and is realised in years 2005 and 2006. The project was prepared for improving IT skills of seniors. Within this project 3 fields of study: Computers, Practical Utilisation of Computers and Internet for Seniors are prepared for accreditation by the Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of Education of SR for Further Education.

ESF – Ministry of Education SR „Career Counselling at Secondary Schools“

JDP NUTS II – Bratislava, Goal 3

Priority No.2: Development of Lifelong Learning and Support to Development of Research and Development in the Context of Increasing the Quality of Human Resources

Start of the project:                    01.01.2005
End of the projects:                    31.12.2006
Coordinator of the project:          CEVAP
Web page:                                http://www.karieroveporadenstvo.sk

Partners in the project:

  • Civic association CEVAP – Centre for Education and Counselling/ Centrum pre vzdelávanie a poradenstvo
  • Department of Ethical and Civic Education, Faculty of Education, Comenius University in Bratislava /Katedra etickej a občianskej výchovy Pedagogickej fakulty UK v Bratislave
  • Institute of Lifelong Learning at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (ILLL SUT)

Main goal of the project: training (further education) of teachers and educators of all types of secondary schools in the field of Career counsellor in Bratislava region with use of e-learning.

Tasks solved by ILLL within project:

  • training of 20 multipliers (trainers)
  • development of study materials
  • training of 100 career counsellors

ESF- Ministry of Education SR

Increase of qualification potential and adaptation of pedagogical workers in area of integration of endangered groups of children and youth - ProIntegra

within call No. SOP HR– 2004 – SORO – 4 for measure No. 3.2: Sector Operational Programme Human Resources
Programme: ME SR - ESF SOP HR
Priority No.3 - Increase of Qualification Potential and Adaptation of Employees and Persons Entering  to Labour Market

Coordinator and applicant of the project: Eva Končoková, Foundation School Agape/ Nadácia Škola dokorán Žiar nad Hronom
partner:  ILLL at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava  (ILLL SUT)

Start of the project:                    May 2005
End of the project:                     30. April 2007
Coordinator of the project:          Nadácia Škola dokorán
Web page:                                http://www.prointegra.sk

Main goal of the project: Increase of qualification potential and adaptation of pedagogical workers/teachers and educators from the aspect of integration of endangered groups of children and youth, through special training programme based on distance education with use of progressive technologies and means (e-learning).

Tasks solved within by ILLL within project:

  • training of lecturers
  • development of handbooks, study materials
  • training of 210 teachers (3x70)

Seniors Online Without Barriers – Obtaining, Acquirement and Development of Computer Knowledge and Skills for Risk Groups

Programme: grant of Ministry of Transportation, Post and Telecommunication for purpose of informatisation of society

Priority: support to educational activities for increase of education in the area of information and communication technologies of specific groups of population. Contract No. 440 /131 /2005

Start of the project:               1.1.2006/autumn call 2005
End of the project:                31.12.2006
Coordinator of the project:    ILLL SUT
Partners in the project:         regióny.sk
Web page:                          http://http://www.senior.sk/

Main goal of the project: mediation of gaining basic computer literacy, practical using and gaining new computer skills and knowledge (especially Internet, electronic communication and office applications) of followed target groups:

  • women (especially on maternity leave),
  • women at risk of unemployment,
  • handicapped citizens,
  • persons over 65  years old – seniors 

Tasks solved within by ILLL within project:

  • all-day accessing of computer classroom with connecting to Internet and instructor support
  • development of special study materials