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Science and research

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Department/Institute: Institute of Transport Technology and Engineering Design
Contact person:         Marián Polóni, Assoc. Prof., MSc., PhD.
Contact:                    +421 2 57 296 300 
e-mail:                      marian.poloni@stuba.sk
web page:                 http://www.sjf.stuba.sk/generate_page.php?page_id=3262


The Laboratory of Combustion Engines allows for measuring power, economic and emission characteristics of internal combustion engines in up to the power 230 kW/10000 min-1, or engines up to the power 400 kW/5000 min-1. The laboratory research focuses on applications of alternative fuels for internal combustion engines that are produced from renewable energy sources, especially on questions tackling mixture preparation and combustion, on tuning of engine parameters, on reduction of emissions of internal combustion engines, including reducing noise and vibrations, and on issues of electronic management of the engine. The laboratory also serves the needs of the teaching process, especially those related to bachelor, master and doctoral degree theses of students.

Projects solved in the Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engines

Name of project:                Combustion engines powered by fuels CNG and CNG-H2.
Grant scheme:                   Ministry of Education of the SR – VEGA 1/3171/06
Years of realization:            2006 - 2008

Name of project:                Experimental workplace for research and development of combustion engines and vehicles powered
                                        by alternative fuels.
Grant scheme:                   Ministry of Education of the SR – Developing project
Years of realization:            2006 - 2008

Name of project:                Automobile engineer for 21st century
Grant scheme:                   European social fund ESF - project code: 13120120130
Years of realization:            2005 - 2008

Name of project:                PhD students for automotive industry in Slovakia
Grant scheme:                   European social fund ESF - project code: 13120200024
Years of realization:            2005 - 2008

Name of project:                Combustion engines powered by mixture of natural gas and hydrogen
Grant scheme:                   Ministry of Education of the SR – VEGA 1/0024/09
Years of realization:            2009 - 2011

Name of project:                Research and development of microcogeneration unit
Grant scheme:                   Ministry of Education of the SR – APVV, project code: APVV-0270-06
Years of realization:            2007 - 2010

Name of project:                Energetic Evaluation of Alternative Fuels Produced from Renewable Energy Sources in Piston
                                        Combustion Engines
Grant scheme:                   Ministry of Education of the SR – APVV, project code: APVV-0015-12
Years of realization:            2013 - 2017


Choice of publications in conection with the Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engines:

1)Polóni, M., Winterbone, D.E., Nicols, J.R. : Comparison of Unsteady Flow Calculations in a Pipe by the Method of Characteristics and the Two - step Differential Lax-Wendroff Method. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 1987, Vol. 29, No.5, pp.367-378, ISSN: 0020-7403

2) Petrák, P., Polóni, M. : Exhaust System Noise Optimization Using Mathematical Modelling. International conference on computers in engine technology. 1991, 10. –12. Sept., Robinson College Cambridge, UK. Paper No. C430/010 IMechE 1991, pp. 111-117

3) PolónI,M., Anteneh,M.T., Daniž,M.: Personal Car Engines Powered by CNG. Journal of KONES Internal Combustion Engines, vol. 10, No. 1-2, pp. 221-228, Warsaw 2003, Poland ISSN 1231-4005

4) Polóni M., Kálman P., Lach J., Smieško Š., Lazar L., Kunc P., Jančošek Ľ.: Micro-cogeneration Unit with Variable–Speed Generator. International Scientific Event “Power Engineering 2010”. May 18-20, 2010, Tatranské Matliare, High Tataras, Slovak Republic. 9th International Scientific Conference: Energy-Ecology-Economy (EEE) 2010. Proceedings on CD, ISBN 978-80-89402-23-6. Paper address: CD/files/Eee/5/4, 22 pages.

5) Marián Polóni, Ján Lach, Andrej Chríbik: research and Development of Combustion Engine for Micro-cogeneration Unit,  Journal of KONES Powertrain and Transport Vol. 19, No. 2 2012, pp. 411-422, September 9-12, Castle RYN, Poland, 2012   ISSN 1231-4005

6) Marián Polóni, Andrej Chríbik, Ján Lach: Energetic Evaluation of Process Gases in Internal Combustion Engine, Zeszyty naukowe politechniki śląskiej, 2012 Seria: Transport z. 76, Nr 1865, pp. 99-104, Gliwice 2012, Poland, ISSN 0209-3324

7) Andrej Chríbik, Marián Polóni, Ján Lach: Combustion Engine Powered by Mixture of Natural Gas and Hydrogen. MECCA - Journal of Middle European Construction and Design of Cars, pp. 31-36, Volume X, Number 02 2012, ČVUT v Prahe-MECCA, Technická 4, Praha 6, ISSN 1214-0821, Published January 2013   

8) Dissertations supported by measurements performed in the Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engines

  • Anteneh Mohammed Tahir: Emission Optimization of a Bi-fuel Engine Powered by Compressed Natural Gas, dissertation, Slovak University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Bratislava 2004.
  • Daniž Marcel.: Analysis of Parameters of Internal Combustion Engines by 1-D Models, dissertation, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, STU in Bratislava, 2010
  • Kálman Peter: Internal Combustion Engine for Micro-cogeneration Unit, dissertation, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, STU in Bratislava, 2010
  • Chríbik A.: Combustion Engine Fuelled by Gas Mixtures, dissertation, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,  STU in Bratislava,  2013


Cooperation with Industry:

In the past few years the Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engines helped the researchers to carry out experiments within cooperative projects and implementation contracts. The companies in Slovakia benefiting from the cooperation are as follows: Slovenský plynárenský priemysel (Slovak Gas Industry) a.s. Bratislava, Lombardini Slovakia a.s. Martin, LIV Elektra a.s. Bratislava, Pohronské strojárne Hliník nad Hronom, Elteco a.s. Žilina, Elteco-Gen s.r.o Žilina, Engul s.r.o. Martin a Ekom s.r.o. Piešťany.



motor na alternativne paliva
Fig. 1: Engine Z8403 at stand Schenck WS-230, fuelled by alternative fuels (natural gas, wood gas, biogas, synthesis gas)

competing engine
Fig. 2 : Tuning of parameters of the competing engine, diploma thesis, engine on display at the International Engineering Fair in Nitra 2012