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Science and research

Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology

Department/Institute: Department of Inorganic Chemistry
Contact person:            Ing. Rastislav Šípoš, PhD.
e-mail:                            rastislav.sipos@stuba.sk


Facility for solution chemistry consists of a pH/mV potentiometric titrator ABU 52 biburette and photoreactors. The titrator is equipped with combined glass electrode for semimicro measurements (starting volume 5 ml), 1 ml and 5 ml burette cylinders and thermostatic titration cell. There is also a possibility to attach immersion probe, d = 1 cm, for spectrophotometric measurements in VIS region. Two photochemical reactors Quartz with mercury lamp and a LED photoreactor Keva are available. Irradiation experiments can be performed either in cuvette or at the surface using one of eleven LEDs working in the range 367 nm – 660 nm.