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Science and research

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 

Department/Institute: Institute of Thermal Power Engineering
Contact person:         Assoc. prof. Ing. Michal Masaryk, PhD.
Contact:                    +421 2 52 961 719
e-mail:                      michal.masaryk@stuba.sk
web page:                 http://www.sjf.stuba.sk/generate_page.php?page_id=3265


Two laboratories are situated at Námestie slobody 17 in Bratislava. There are research and pedagogical devices installed from field of energetics and fluid flow. For example:

  • physical model of the nuclear reactor VVER 440 fuel assembly
  • wind tunnel for low speed measurements of 3D fluid flow around turbomachinery blades with chord length of up to 500 mm and height 800 mm
  • wind tunnel capable of full automated calibrating of pneumatic probes with flow velocity to 150 m/s
  • wind tunnel capable of the research to study the effects of air moving past solid objects like buildings, bridges, cars, etc.

The second laboratory is focused on the research of low potential heat technology (mainly cooling). Includes workplaces with research sorption cooling systems (two absorption chillers), thermal solar collectors system (installed on the roof). Equipment allows research of cooling units as well as various methods of operation and combinations. In last time have been started research of alternative cooling methods for photovoltaic panels.


Research project of APVV in cooperation with VUJE, a.s.


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 aerodynamický tunel
Fig. 1: Workplace with wind tunnel, in the right side is visible suction nozzle. The measure chamber has side panels made from transparent material with possibility of visual processing of experiments by vision equipment. Other parts of the tunnel are located in the underground  of the laboratory.

model palivovwej kazety
Fig. 2 Experimental device with physical model of the nuclear reactor VVER 440 fuel assembly for investigating the velocity and temperature profiles at the fuel assembly outlet. To heated water flow is inleting cold water to simulate temperature discontinuity, that is recorded by combined probes at the three measuring planes at the fuel assembly outlet.

modely absorpčných chladiacich zariadení
Fig. 3 Models of absorption chillers, with cooling capacity 1kW and 8kW.