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Science and research

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Department/Institute:  Department of Building Services
Contact person:             Ing. Juraj Januška, PhD.
Contact:                          +421 907 466 869
e-mail:                              juraj.januska@stuba.sk


The laboratory of building services is located in the hirise building at the 23rd floor. It contains a facilityto simulate hydraulic conditions of a heating system with classical radiators, floor heating and with a heater of an air-conditioning unit, where it is possible to change boundary conditions such as temperature of the heating water in the primary circuit, temperature of the heating water in the secondary circuit and pressure conditions. Other equipment of the laboratory include portable measurement instruments to measure physical parameters, such as the mass flow rate, differential pressure, heating water temperature and room air temperature and humidity. To allow complex monitoring of the changes in air and water temperatures, the laboratory is equipped with a set of thermal cameras. The facility is mainly used for education of students and for experimental measurements within the Student Scientific Competition.

The employees of the Department of Building Services handle the tasks of basic and applied research, and in the present they are working on important grant research projects, cooperate with research facilities abroad, participate in education of professionals by organizing distance courses, conferences and seminars, and translate technical standards. The Department has elaborated a number of expertise reports, energy audits and reports from scientific projects.


Most important projects:

  • Energy Efficient Environmental Technology Systems Utilizing Renewable Energy Sources and Using Automation Technology for Intelligent Buildings. Project VEGA, prof. Petráš, 2011-13
  • Progressive Solutions for Sanitary Installations and Ventilation Systems in the Indoor Climate of Buildings Designwith the Aim of Increasing Their Energy Performance. Project VEGA, associate prof. Peráčková, 2011-13
  • Competence Centre of Intelligent Technologies for Electronization and Informatization of Systems and Services, ITMS 26240220072, Prof.Petráš, 2011-14



  • Petráš, D. – Lulkovičová, O.-Takács, J.- Bašta, J. Kabele, K.: Heating of Family Houses. Jaga group, Bratislava, 2005
  • Petráš, D. – Lulkovičová, O.-Takács, J., Füri, B.: Renewable Energy Sources for Low-Temperature Systems. Jaga group, Bratislava, 2009



  • Kalús, D. et al. : Experimental Measurements and Analysis of Renewable Energy Sources in Family Houses, EHBstav Bratislava, 2013, contract 24.000 Eur
  • Takács, J. et al. : Actualization of the Energy Audit, Evaluation of Energy Demand of Finishing the Construction, Termál, s.r.o. Veľký Meder, 2013, contract 12.600 Eur
  • Petráš,D. et al. : Energy Audit of the Carlton Building – Part II, Bratislava 2012, contract 12.600 Eur



sustava vykurovania
1 Photo of the heating system

vyrez podlahoveho kurenia
Fig.2: A segment of floorheating

regulacny panel
Fig. 3 Photo of theregulation panel (switch board) and theheatsource (electricalboiler)