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Science and research

Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology

Department/Institute: Department of Biochemical Technology
Contact person:         Assoc. Prof. Milan Čertík, PhD.
Contact:                   +421 917 669 410
e-mail:                      milan.certik@stuba.sk
web page:                 http://www.fchpt.stuba.sk/generate_page.php?page_id=2218


The laboratory of Assoc. Prof. Milan Čertík is focusing on study of microbial lipids and pigment biosynthesis as well as on biotechnological regulation and overproduction of biologically active metabolites such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, pigments and glycoproteins. The laboratory is also focused on gene engineering and characterization of the main genes coding biosynthesis of biologically active lipids and carotenoid pigments and their functional expression into microorganisms and plants. The team employs various microbial strains for submerged fermentations (zygomycetes filamentous fungi, “red” yeasts, oleaginous yeasts) and solid state fermentations (zygomycetes filamentous fungi) to reach the overproduction of desired metabolites and to describe the metabolic key steps involved to biosynthesis of lipid structures ad pigments. Especially fungal solid state fermentations resulted in several cereal-based bioproducts functionally enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids and pigments. These bioproducts have been tested as a food and feed additives. The laboratory is furnished with equipments for various types of microbial cultivations, for gene engineering techniques as well as for detailed analysis of studied metabolites. Scientific level of the team is given by its respected world-known experiences as well as by high publication activity and invited lectures in prestigious congresses. The laboratory consists of two employees (Assoc. Prof. Milan Čertík, PhD, Tatiana Klempová, PhD.), PhD, MSc and Bc students. The laboratory is internationally accepted and actively collaborates with several domestic and foreign Universities and Institutions.


Projects and publications:

Significant projects for last years

  1. Improvement of nutrition value of various cereals by polyunsaturated fatty acids. National Research and Development Project “Quality, safety and functionality of primary food resources” No. 2003 SP 27/028 0E 02/028 0E 02. Ministerstvo of Agriculture SR, 2003-2005  
  2. Evaluation of agroindustrial materials using biotechnological means by application of microorganisms producing metabolites for food, agriculture, pharmacy and veterinary uses. Project VEGA No. 1/2390/05, Ministry of Education SR, 2005-2007
  3. Biotechnological production of bioactive lipids from agro-industrial byproducts. Bilateral scientific & technological project between the Slovak Republic and the Hellenic Republic, Gr/Slov/FCHPT/05, Ministry of Education SR, 2005-2006
  4. Regulation of biotechnological production of conjugated fatty acids (CLA). National Research and Development Project No. 2003 SP 270280 E01 028 0E01. Ministry of Industry SR, 2003-2005
  5. Phytosterols and fatty acid derivatives. National Research and Development Project No. 2004 ŠP 26 028 0C 05 „Utilization of national resources: Complex utilization of plant resources“. Ministry of Industry SR, 2004-2006
  6. Biotechnological evaluation of national renewable resources to biologically active products applied for food, agriculture, pharmacy and veterinary uses. Project VEGA, Ministry of Education SR, 2008-2010
  7. Yeast as a tool for producing biotechnologically valuable sterols: the biochemical and genetic approach. Project APVV-0681-07, 2008-2010
  8. Biomembranes: Membrane structure and dynamics in relation to cell functions, Project of excellence VVCE-0064-07, 2008-2011
  9. Investigations of factors affecting oxidation of frying oils and fried products. International Project with PepsiCo International (USA), 2008 – 2010
  10. Vybudovanie kompetenčného centra pre výskum a vývoj v oblasti molekulárnej medicíny. Projekt Štrukturálne fondy EU, Operačný program Výskum a Vývoj, ITMS projektu: 26240220071, 2011-2014
  11. Biotechnological evaluation of domestic agricultural resources for bioproducts with aimed nutritional and functional properties. Project VEGA No. 1-0975-12, Ministry of Education SR, 2012-2014
  12. Scale-up of solid state fermentation process for polyunsaturated fatty acids production by fungi. National fellowship program – SAIA, Thailand, 2012
  13. Investigations of antioxidant compounds preventing oxidation of frying oils and fried products. International Project with PepsiCo International (USA),, 2011-2012
  14. Biotechnological preparation of new types of functional cereals and cereal products enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acid and pigments, Project APVV 0662-11, 2012 – 2015
  15. Nonconvetional approach of preparation of cereals with enhanced economical potencial, Project APVV-0294-11, 2012 – 2015
  16. Regulation of scale-up of solid state fermentation process for polyunsaturated fatty acids production by fungi. National fellowship program – SAIA, Thailand, 2013
  17. New potential of primary products of national plant production, Departmental Project of Ministry of Agriculture, 2013 – 2015
  18. Univerzitný vedecký park STU Bratislava, Projekt Štrukturálne fondy EU, Operačný program Výskum a Vývoj, ITMS projektu:26240220084, 2013-2015

Significant papers for last years (totally 112, chapters 8, conference contributions 269 – Invitel lectures - 14)

  1. Čertík, M., Andráši, P., Šajbidor, J.: Effect of extraction methods on lipid yield and fatty acid composition of lipid classes containing g-linolenic acid extracted from fungi. J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc., 73(3), 1996, 357-365
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Book chapters:

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Institute of Animal Biochemistry and Genetics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Ivanka pri Dunaji, Slovakia

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Laboratory for cultivation of microorganisms and extraction/purification of lipophilic compounds