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Science and research

Faculty of Architecture

Institute:           Institute of Civic Structures
Contact person: Assoc. Prof. Maria Samova, PhD.
Contact:            +421 2 5727 6419
e-mail:              maria.samova@stuba.sk
web page:         http://www.fa.stuba.sk/english/support-centres/ceda-centre-of-design-for-all.html?page_id=1799



The Centre of Design for All (CEDA) was established at the Faculty of Architecture – Slovak University of Technology (FA STU) in Bratislava in June 2007.

The mission of the centre is to create a barrier-free built-environment that can be used by all people, regardless of their age, size or ability. CEDA is focused on the principle of Universal Design, enabling people to integrate into society that takes in account a human difference and to interact with their environment to the best of their ability.

The main activities of CEDA:

  • Participate in relevant standardization work with national, European and international standard bodies; 
  • Provide research by collaborating, conducting and commissioning national and international projects and by active attending conferences, seminars and workshops; 
  • Encourage compliance with national and international standards in Design for All;
  • Ensure the development of appropriate Design for All - Universal Design courses in cooperation with academic, professional and relevant state bodies; 
  • Promote the introduction and integration of the principles of Universal Design in university curricula at each level of study (bachelor, master and postgraduate level); 
  • Maintain a knowledge based on a good practice in Universal Design; 
  • Offer a professional consultancy to the people in difficulties caused by built-environment barriers; 
  • Promote an understanding of Design for All by organizing the courses for professionals participating an accomplishment of built-environment.



  • Project of the Ministry of Education SR: Creation of conditions for education of the students with special needs at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, 2013-2014
  • VEGA 1/0996/11 - research grant of the Ministry of Education SR: “Design for All of the Built-Environment Focused on Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Education and Work Process“, 2011 – 2014
  • VEGA 1/0707/08 - research grant of the Ministry of Education SR: “Audit program – universal accessibility of the built environment”, 2008 - 2010
  • IP ERASMUS 7203-0391/IP/BRATISL01 - Lifelong Learning Programme of European Commission: "Design for All – Universal Design", “Tourism for All”, acad. year 2007/2008
  • IP ERASMUS 8203-0512/IP/BRATISL01 - Lifelong Learning Programme of European Commission: "Design for All – Universal Design", “Culture for All”, acad. year 2008/2009
  • Project of the International Research and Scientific Cooperation, MVTS 17/07: „Design for All - new theory of seamless design  in architecture, urbanism and product design“, 2007-2009
  • International Research Project of the European Commission VP/2004/008, Convention no.VS/2004/0554:  Architecture and Urban Planning: Design for All from School to Practice, Coordinator: ARVHA, Paris, France, 2005-2006    
  • International Higher Education Support Program (HESP) of the Open Society Institute, HESP 61700 Jan Hus Foundation Programme: Architecture without Barriers – Architecture for All, 2002-2003    



  • Samova M., Ceresnova Z.: Barrier-free Environment (Micro-environment). In: Design and Aesthetics of Urban and Rural Areas, p. 241 – 247, ROAD – FA STU Bratislava, 2001, ISBN 808899-07-3 – English language
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  • Ceresnova Z. : Barrier-free Design of School Buildings In: Consequences of Disability on the Psychical Growth of Children and Young People (Integrated Education of Children with Disabilities) - Bratislava : USKI, 2011. - ISBN 978-80-85293-07-4. - p. 31-45 – Slovak language



  • Universities, educational and professional institutions (Vienna University of Technology, Austria, University College Limburg, Belgium, Dresden Technical University, Germany, Czech Technical University in Prague, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland, European Institute for Design and Disability - Design for All Europe, ICTA Europe, Slovak Design Centre),
  • Associations of persons with disabilities (Association of Organisations of Disabled People Slovak Republic, Union of Disabled Citizens of Slovakia, Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired Slovakia),
  • State agencies and public authorities (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development, Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic),
  • Professionals operating in the respective areas.



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