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Science and research

Faculty of Electrical Engeneering and Information Technology

Department/Institute: Institute of robotics and cybernetics
Contact person:         Assoc. Prof. František Duchoň
Contact:                    +421 915 719 462
e-mail:                      frantisek.duchon@stuba.sk
web page:                 http://www.urpi.fei.stuba.sk/en


Robotics centre is laboratory which is specialized in the research of mobile, service and industrial robotics. This laboratory is well equipped with ABB manipulators coupled with visual systems and force control sensor (6 DOF), OJ-10 manipulator, prototype of slovak service robot MRVK with robotic hand, indoor robot Black Metal, two legged robots of hexapod type, one legged robot of biped type, robotic ball, flying robots etc. Laboratory is also specialized in term of equipment, e. g. geodetic GNSS localization system, laser scanner for weldling, thermovision camera, Kinect, etc. The research of this laboratory is oriented in field of localization and navigation of the robots, sensor Technologies, HMI and motion control with various control architectures.


Optimalization of control of mechatronic system.

VEGA 1/0690/09


Design of a method of utilizing 3D means of modelling and virtual reality under conditions of teaching in specialized laboratories

KEGA 3/7307/09


Intelligent control of a service robot



AUTOWELDLINK - high productivity automatic welding of large-capacity tanks and pipes

ITMS 26240220033


Sophisticated control methods for multi–axis motion systems

VEGA 1/3120/06


Intelligent navigation of a service robot

VEGA 1-0177-11


Research of the service robot control with dual visual perception



Fool Proof Check of Missing Screws on B/C



E-pass reading of the bar codes



Research in the advanced control methods of intelligent multi-axis motion systems focused on mobile robotic manipulators

VEGA 1/0178/13


Development of a High-Load, Fast Reaction Active Heave Compensator (AHC) Technology and System

Texas Institute of Science


Bioinspired multirobot coordination system



Control system for energybeam CNC cutting centres



CC publications:

  • Jurišica, Ladislav - Duchoň, František - Kaštan, Dušan - Babinec, Andrej: High Precision GNSS Guidance for Field Mobile Robots. In: International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems. - ISSN 1729-8806. - Vol. 9 (2012), s. 169-178
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ZŤS VVÚ Košice a.s., Prvá zváračská a.s., Samsung Slovakia s.r.o., Volkswagen Slovakia s.r.o., Microstep s.r.o., Rapčan Servis Detva s.r.o.

FA STU (cooperation in robots design), PF UK (cooperation in the research of psychological aspects of robots activities in human environment), Ústav informatiky SAV Bratislava (HW and SW solutions for motion control of mobile robots), InterOcean Metal Szczecin Poland (technologies for mining on the sea surface)



Room of Robotics centre equipped with robotic manipulators and positioners.

Prototype of slovak service robot MRVK with robotic arm.

Robotic ball, in the background robot of Segway type (prototype and realization).