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Science and research

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Institute:                Institute of Technologies and Materials
Contact person:      professor Ernest Gondár
Contact:                 +421 917 944 106
e-mail:                    ernest.gondar@stuba.sk

The laboratory is designed for extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and vacum forming plastics. Part of the laboratory are further assistive technologies, drying and milling plastic. In the laboratory is extrusion equipment, one line for blow molding sheets
with the top take-off, one of the lower vent, laboratory equipment for injection molding, Battenfeld 250, vacum forming equipment
for positive thermoforming, vacuum dryer Maguire.


  • "Vývoj a konštrukcia lisostrihu pre spracovanie ojazdených automobilov a protipovodňových zábran z plastového odpadu z ojazdených automobilov" - Development and construction of presscutter for processing used cars and flood walls made of plastic waste from used cars.
    Project no.: 1103/11/10
    Supervisor: professor Ľubomír Šooš