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Science and research

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Institute:           Institute of Applied Mechanics and Mechatronics
Contact person: Ing.Vladimír Chmelko, PhD.
Contact:            +421 905 594147, +421 2 5729 6225
e-mail:               vladimir.chmelko@stuba.sk
web page:          http://www.sjf.stuba.sk/generate_page.php?page_id=3260

Laboratory equipment

  • 4-channel elektrohydraulic pulsator with 4 external cylinders of INOVA and a suspended frame for controled testing of structures under real service conditions as well as the testing frame for static, dynamic and cyclic specimens of materials
  • Hydraulic press with maximal force ±1000 kN
  • Dynamic measurement equipment from National Instruments with 24 strain gages channels, 4 acceleration channels and 4 voltage channels
  • LabVIEW full development system
  • Optical hardness and microhardness tester and camera hardness tester TIV
  • Photostress Plus System LF/Z-2
  • 3D camera sensing system of deformations and vibrations from DANTEC


Research and application topics

  • static, dynamic and fatigue tests of materials  
  • simulation of operational loading for mechanical parts and parts of structures with an cotrolled loading force, upstroke and the local strain with an arbitrary loading
  • measuring of real operational loadings on structures and their dynamic properties in a real service using strain gages as well as accelerometric sensors
  • non-destructive measuring methods of strains and stresses and their further developement
  • identification of the properties for material models
  • metalographic and fractographic analysis of materials (identifing the thermal treatment, chemical compositions or analysis of fracture surfaces)


Research Projects

  • Diagnostics of Fatigue Damage by Micro-Hardness Measurement the Constitutive Phases for Cyclicaly Loaded Steel. VEGA 2008-2010
  • On-line Monitoring System of Safety in Operation of the Gas Pipilines in the Course of New Implementing Technology. EKOFOND 2009-2010
  • Remote monitoring of the fatigue damage for gas pipelines at the compressor stations R&D: NST/07028 SPP 2007-2008
  • Development of the Remote Monitoring System for Pipelines with Corrosion Defects and Soil Slip Underlay. Programme R&D: NST/09013-UN-NAKL eustream 2009-2011
  • Analysis of the Sources the Vibrations on the Piping System of Turbokompresors R5 and R6 at KS01 Veľké Kapušany -  Evaluation and Proposing the concepts for removing the damping from the pipeline system. Programme R&D: NSE/1034-UN-PV01 eustream 2011-2012
  • Centre of Industrial Research for the Operational Lifetime of the Selected Components at Power Generating Equipment. - ITMS 26240220081 Operational programme of Research & Development 2012-2014


Projects with industry

  • Residual Fatigue Lifetime Checking of High Pressure Pipelines at the PE1-7 Production-lines. Slovnaft a.s., 1997
  • Strength Expertise of Crash Cause at the Pipelines in Lokality Kamenné Kosihy, SPP š. p., 2001
  • Stress-Strain Analysis of the bridge Loaded Parts in Adjustable-blade-type-turbine and their Residual Life-time Checking. Slovenské elektrárne – division VET Trenčín, 2000-2002
  • Impact of the Stresstest on the Pipes. SPP š. p. , 2001-2002
  • Expertise of the Recirculation Lines TJ and TH Pumps 3. block of Nuclear Power Plant and Draft of Measure for Lifetime Prolongation at Minimum 40 Years. Nuclear Power Plant Jaslovské Bohunice, 2001.
  • Corrosion Defects Repairing by Patching. SPP-distribution, 2002.
  • Reviewing of Fatigue Reliability and Safety of Piping System at the Compresor Stations. Division Slovtransgaz 2002
  • Expertise of Steel the Reaction Vessel PE L-7 v.č. FC-4-0434 after its putting out of the Service. Slovnaft, a.s. 2002.
  • Assessment of the Failure in Anchoring System of Pipeline on their Fatigue Lifetime and Safety. Division Slovtransgaz SPP,š.p. 2003
  • Analysis of Motor Bearing Crash Causing in Oil Pipelines. Transpetrol,a.s. 2003
  • Development and Tests of a Trailer KHD. Knott, GmbH, 2006
  • Loading Check of Guide Rod of the Press BMM2 and BMM4 in Real Operational Conditions. Operational Risk Assesment of Arm of the Press KBS2. Inergy Automotive  systems, a.s. 2007, 2011
  • Stress-Strain Analysis of the Important Supporting Parts of the Bridge Apollo. Stress-Strain Analysis of the Scaffold Bridge Dilatation MZ1120 Považská Bystrica. Doprastav, a.s. 2004, 2009
  • Study of Fatigue and Pressure Safety of Piping System at Turbocompressor TK8 – On-line Monitoring System developing and its implementing.  Nafta,a.s. 2013-2014


  • Chmelko, V.Krššák,P.: Experimental and Numeric Determination of Burst Pressure in the Pipelines with Corrosive Damage. SLOVGAS 1/2006, volume XV., s.12-14
  • Chmelko, Vladimír - Garan, Martin - Krššák, Peter: On-line Monitoring of the Operation Safety on Pipeline Setion I. In: SLOVGAS. - ISSN 1335-3853. - Roč. 17, č. 1 (2008), s. 12-14
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    • Margetin,M.-Chmelko,V.:  Experimental Quantification of the Fatigue Stress Notch Factor on MIG BUTT Welded S355 Steel Specimen. Transactions of the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, Mechanical Series,No. 1, 2013, vol. LVIII, s.45-50
    • ŠULKO,M.: Fatique Damage Detection by Hardness Tests, In:Strojné Inžinierstvo 2003.Bratislava, Slovak University of Technology 2003, pp.5.- 6.


Cooperation with The Slovak Academy of Sciences:

Institute of  materials and mechanics – developing of a non-destructive method for fatigue damage assessment of materials


Cooperation with foreign institutions:

TU Mníchov – post-gradually and gradually intership

RTI ZČU Plzeň – post-gradually intership and invited lectures



Laboratory overview: left side – hydraulic press, right side: elektrohydraulic system from INOVA

Photostress equipment and frame for dynamic and cyclic tests of material specimens.