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Science and research

Absorption Molecular Spectroscopy and Colorimetry
Faculty of Chemistry and Food Technology

Department/Institute: Institute of Natural and Synthetic Polymers
Contact person:         Prof. Michal Čeppan
Contact:                   +421 2 5932 5224
e-mail:                      michal.ceppan@stuba.sk
web page:                 http://www.chtf.stuba.sk/kpaf/indexe.php


Measurements of absorption, remission, reflection and photoacoustic (IR) spectra and colorimetric data of liquids and solids of different internal and surface structure in UV, Visible and IR spectral regions, including different transmission and reflection measurement techniques: simple transmission, single reflection at different angles, diffuse reflectance in UV, Vis. and in IR (DRIFT), special reflection techniques in IR (Diamond ATR, MIR ATR, HATR, photoacoustics), including spectral IR microanalysis using FTIR microscope VARIAN and portable fibre-optics spectrometer OceanOptics

  • Molecular spectroscopy, chemical analysis of function groups in a bulk and/or at a surface.  - Thin film analysis, spectral and optical properties of layers, foils, powder materials
  • Colorimetry of materials, color coordinates, color difference, whiteness, brightness,...



5 RP EU Hiproloco: Analysis of thin film barrier layers

6 RP EU Sustainpack: Analysis of new types of foil materials

VEGA 1/0811/11: Stability of color layers in graphic object of cultural heritage

VEGA 1/0818/13: Thin films in printed electronics and photovoltaics on plastic foils

National project KNIHA: Preservation, stabilization and conservation of traditional carriers of information

APVV-0324-10 Methods of Spectroscopic Investigation of Documents as a Tool of Forensic Assessment



Mikula, M., Čeppan, M., Vaško, K.: Gloss and Goniocolorimetry of Printed Materials, Color Research and Application 28, 5, 335-342 (2003)

Čeppan M., Fedák J., Dvonka V., Veselý M., Zmeškal O.: Fractal Spaces of Spectra Sets of Color Prints, J. Imag. Sci. Technol. 47 (2), 171-184 (2003)

T. Bertók, P. Gemeiner, M. Mikula, P. Gemeiner, J. Tkac: Ultrasensitive impedimetric lectin based biosensor for glycoproteins containing sialic acid. Microchim Acta 180  (2013) 151–9

R. Polnišer, M. Štolcová, M. Hronec, M. Mikula: Cu-Fe pyrophosphate catalysts for selective oxidation of methane, Applied Catalysis A: General 400 (2011) 122–130

Martin Kopani, Milan Mikula, Naozumi Fujiwara, Masao Takahashi, Emil Pinčík: The effect of KCN passivation on IR spectra of a-Si based structures, Applied Surface Science 258, 8406– 8408 (2012)                     



Criminalistic Institute PZSR

Printing Houses of SR

University of Pardubice

University of Technology Brno

Slovak Academy of Science



UV-Vis. spectrometer CECIL 3055      

Fibre optics UV-Vis. NIR  spectrometer OceanOptics                     

FTIR micro-spectrometer VARIAN

Color coordinates L*a*b*.