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Science and research

DomovLaboratories of Automotive Mechatronics

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Department:       Institute of Automotive Mechatronics (ÚAMT)

                                                        Contact person:  prof. Ing. Mikuláš Huba, PhD.
                                                        Contact:                  +421 2 602 917 71
                                                        e-mail:                     mikulas.huba@stuba.sk 
                                                        web page:               http://uamt.fei.stuba.sk/web/?q=en


The Institute of Automotive Mechatronics (UAMT) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava provides research and development and education in applied and automotive mechatronics, electromobility and control of mechatronic systems. Complex mechatronic systems are being formed based on the synergy
of mechanical, electronic, information, communication and control technologies and their integration. UAMT consists of four departments: Department of Applied Mechanics and Mechatronics, Department of Information, Communication and Control Systems, Department of Electronics, Microcomputers and PLC Systems, Department of E-mobility, Automation and Drive Systems.
Research, education and cooperation with industries are carried out in the following laboratories
and teaching rooms of the Institute: 

  • Joint laboratories and teaching rooms of automotive mechatronics and electromobility (supported by Volkswagen Slovakia, a. s., Schneider Electric, s. r. o., PSA Peugeot Citroen Slovakia)
  • Laboratories of computer modeling, simulation and experimental mechatronics 
  • Laboratory of mechatronic systems modeling and control 
  • Laboratory of autonomous mechatronic systems 
  • Interactive online lab

Equipment available:

  • Demonstration modules for teaching automotive mechatronics and electromobility, 
  • Computer systems, CAD-CAE supporting software systems: ANSYS, MSC ADAMS, CATIA, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, Matlab Simulink, Labview, MATHEMATICA, 
  • Electric propulsion systems; traction - driving systems and power electric energy systems,
  • Electronic teaching models for automotive mechatronics; fuel cell systems and their management and diagnostic systems, 
  • Diagnostic modules for automotive mechatronics and electromobility; hybrid car electronic module; ABS electronic module; combustion engine electronic module; electronic module for communication in cars, 
  • Biomechatronic modular electronic and software system for measuring acupuncture points, 
  • Devices for measuring material properties, deformation and mechanical stresses, and dynamic properties of mechatronic components and systems, 
  • Cars and electromobiles (Pegueot 206, Kia, VW e-Up).