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Science and research

Faculty of materials science and technology in Trnava

Department/Institute: Department of Applied Mechanics/ÚVSM
Contact person:         Ass. Prof. MSc(Eng.)  Milan Naď, PhD.
Contact:                   +421 906 068 613
e-mail:                      milan.nad@stuba.sk


Machine dynamics laboratory is directed to:

  • Measurement of dynamical properties of mechanical systems, drives, gears, transmissions,
  • Measurement of tribological characteristics of sliding joints,
  • Tensometric measurement of statically or dynamically loaded structures,
  • Experimental modal and frequency analysis (system PULSE),
  • Acoustical, noise and vibration measurements,
  • Numerical simulations and analyses using finite element method.

Laboratory exploits unique equipment Dynamical dynamometer to simulate loading regimes of dynamical systems (drive – transmission – technological unit and the unit Tribotestor M89 to determine the tribological characteristics of contact materials used in sliding joints subjected to broad scale of load intensity and various time history of loading. The laboratory includes the system PULSE (Bruel&Kjaer) with additional modules for FFT analysis, Envelope analysis, Order analysis and with module for time domain data acquisition. This system enables to provide noise and vibration analysis as well as measurement of modal and damping properties of materials. Noise measurements are accomplished using 2250 sound-level meter Bruel&Kjaer with additional modules for FFT and frequency analysis. System QuantumX MX840 (HBM) enables to perform measurement of applied loads, resulting deformations, deflections, rotations as well as general tensometric measurements.

Laboratory includes also analytical scales ABT100-5M and EG4200-2MN, two-channel oscilloscope HAMEG MH1507, impulse generator RIGOL DG1022, two electrodynamical vibration exciters  with amplifiers, contact/noncontact tachometer DT2230, thermocamera Flir i7, surface roughness tester TR200 and tensometric station M2000.



  •  „Application of innovative layers and coatings for reconstruction of tribologicaly loaded surfaces.“ (VEGA 1/0390/11)
  • Numerical, symbolical and experimental analysis of nonconservative systems (VEGA 1/0389/11)
  • „Experimental and simulation metods of dynamic analysis of mechatronic susbsystems of technological equipment.“ (VEGA 1/0256/09)
Monography Naď, M.: Modification of Modal Characteristics of Vibrating Structural elements“ was published by Hochshule Anhalt, Köthen in 2010 and monography Ďuriš, R., Murín, J.: A Solution for 1D Non-linear Problems for Finite Elements With Full Stiffness Matrices“ was published by Universitätsverlag Ilmenau in 2012.



Laboratory is used within collaboration with external firms: ŽOS Trnava a.s.; ZF SACHS Slovakia, a.s.; VUJE, a.s.; metal design slovakia a.s.



Fig. 1: Technological part of measurement stand Dynamometer

Fig. 2: Tribotester M89 for tribological measurements