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Science and research

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Department/Institute:  Institute of Transport Technology and Designing
Contact person:          Ing. Jana Gavačová, PhD.
Contact:                    +421 904 610 656
e-mail:                       jana.gavacova@stuba.sk
web page:                  http://gekon.sjf.stuba.sk/


The Laboratory of Generative Design was established in 2013. The basic task of laboratory is research of new methods of vehicle and vehicle components development. In present time the activity of laboratory is focused on research in area of generative design, which represents new original design approach of products development in automotive industry.  The laboratory is equipped with software and hardware to comparable level with leading design offices of the world class car manufacturers. In present time laboratory has 11 DELL workstations with installed software Catia V5, V6 with relevant modules and extensions suitable for development and design of vehicles (Platform P3), IBM server for data backup and network connection of workstations, optical 3D scanning device with special software for recording and post processing of measured data, device with vacuum casting chamber with two heat ovens suitable for effective casting using silicone moulds.  The laboratory is also equipped with 3D FDM printer suitable for production of precise durable prototyping models, interactive board with auxiliary software and 2 notebooks.


Project ESF 26240220076   Industrial research into the methods and procedures in generative design and knowledge engineering in car development, OP VaV

Project 530577 – TEMPUS – 1 – 2012 – RS – TEMPUS – JPCR Improvement of product development studies in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project CEEPUS - CIII-RS-0304-06-1314 Technical Characteristics Researching of Modern Products in Machine Industry (Machine Design, Fluid Technics and Calculations) with the Purpose of Improvement Their Market Characteristics and Better Placement on the Market

Program to support young researchers Enhancement of possibilities of generative design in automotive industry and Application of generative design in automotive industry;

Projects VEGA 1/0301/12 and VEGA 1/0445/15.



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Company DYTRON SLOVAKIA s.r.o. – Co-researcher of project: Industrial research into the methods and procedures in generative design and knowledge engineering in car development

Faculty of Architecture, STU BA, Institute of Industrial Design, prof. akad. soch. Peter Paliatka

University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, prof. Dr.sc. Siniša Kuzmanović

Laboratory DRIVE Institute of Automotive and Transport Engineering, University of Burgundy in Nevers, prof. Stéphane Fontaine



fig. 1– Workplace for research and products development

fig. 2 - Optical 3D scanning device

fig. 3 - 3D FDM printer, vacuum casting device