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Science and research

Faculty of Civil Engineering

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Department of Physics
RNDr. Peter Sin, PhD.
+421 2 5927 4484+421 949 728 789


  1. Determining of physical characteristics of infiltration of transport of contaminant with adsorption in porous media
  2. Physical properties of building porous materials Experimental determining of:
    • thermophysical properties (transient-inverse methods)
    • hygric properties
    • electrical and dielectric properties
  3. Chalcogenide glasses
    • modelling of transport properties of chalcogenide glasses
    • experimental investigation of electrical and optical properties of chalcogenide glasses



  • Study of relaxation mechanisms in composites with special fillings on the basis of carbon (2013-2015, BOŠÁK, O.) VEGA 1/0356/13 

  • Quantification of radiation damage of composite materials for thermonuclear fission reactors (2013-2016, DOMANKOVÁ, M.) VEGA 1/0402/13 

  • Special glasses for optoelectronics, non-linear optics and fiber optics (2014-2015,LABAŠ, V.) APVV: SK-CZ-2013-0182 

  • Characterization of selected special glasses (2014-2015, LABAŠ, V.) APVV: SK-FR-2013-0007 

  • Hygric Deformation of Building Materials (2013-2015, LUKOVIČOVÁ, J.), VEGA 1/0689/13 

  • Determination of the Physical Characteristics of Infiltration and Contaminant Transport with Adsorption in Porous Media (2010-2014), APVV-0743-10





  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University Prague, Czech Republic
  • Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical University, Brno, Czech Republic 
  • Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the ASCR, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Cracow University of Technology, Poland Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland
  • Katholieke Universiteiteit Leuven, Belgium
  • University of Rennes, France
  • Academy of Science of Czech Republic, Prague



transient meraci system
Fig.1: Transient measurement system of thermophysical properties

meranie dilatacii
Fig. 2: Measurement of hygric and temperature properties