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Science and research

Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava

Institute:           Department of Technological devices/ UVSM
Contact person: MSc. Radovan Holubek, PhD.
Contact:            +421 918 646 035
e-mail:              radovan.holubek@stuba.sk


The laboratory is framed within the field of mechanized and automatized systems using compressed air and electrical energy. The laboratory is equipped with several types of pneumatic and electropneumatic components and didactic panels where is possible put together, simulate and test several pre-designed pneumatic and electropneumatic (logical) circuits associated to different specific subjects such as Mechanization and automation, Theory of systems and automatic machines and Assembly devices and machines. In the laboratory there can be found didactics panels with the possibility of  recreating several tasks, assembly/disassembly„Pick and Place“ manipulator, smart pneumatics Cartesian Manipulator and the use of electric drive programming variants based on the logical control of several types of PLCs and Controllers. 

With the help of this PLC controlled pneumatic manipulator belonging to the Cartesian structure it is possible to carry out the assembly and disassembly within the workstation for mass production.

Use of small and medium-sized batches production strategy supported by the use of PLC-controlled pneumatic axes


  • KEGA 3/7131/09 – Laboratory of production system program control building


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Fig. 1: Panel with elecro drives

Fig. 2: Pick and place manipulator

Fig. 3: Assembly/disassembly manipulator