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Science and research

Faculty of Chemistry and Food Technology

Department/Institute: Institute of Natural and Synthetic Polymers
Contact person:         Assoc.Prof. Milan Mikula
Contact:                   +421 2 59325222
e-mail:                      milan.mikula@stuba.sk
web page:                 http://www.chtf.stuba.sk/kpaf/indexe.php


Optical and probe (AFM, STM) microscopy

Scanning with optical and fluorescent microscope Leica DM2700 M with Hi-Res digital camera, capture multifocus images, 3D images, LED light source or UV source for fluorescent imaging.

Nanostructure imaging of surfaces by atomic force microscopy, AFM, Veeco CP II, in contact and non-contact Tappi mod, including tunneling current mode, STM, for conductive samples.

  • Microscopic image analysis on micro and nano-level: Measurement and evaluation of texture, features, particles, particle size determination, particle shape characteristics and the number of particles.
  • Layer thickness determination, surface morphology
  • Fluorescence microscopy of organic and natural materials



5 RP EU Hiproloco: Analysis of thin film barrier layers

6 RP EU Sustainpack: Analysis of new types of foil materials

VEGA 1/0811/11: Stability of color layers in graphic object of cultural heritage

VEGA 1/0818/13: Thin films in printed electronics and photovoltaics on plastic foils

APVV-0324-10 Methods of Spectroscopic Investigation of Documents as a Tool of Forensic Assessment



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V. Jančovičová, M. Mikula, B. Havlínová, Z. Jakubíková: UV-curing conditions and kinetics and gloss of urethane acrylate coatings, Progress in Organic Coatings 76 (2013) 432– 438

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Criminalistic Institute PZSR, Printing Houses of SR, University of Pardubice, University of Technology Brno,



Fig.1: AFM microscopeVeeco CP II

Fig. 2: Optical microscope Leica DM2700 M