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Science and research

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Department:       Department of Building Technology
Contact person:  Prof. Jozef Gašparík
Contact:                +421 2 59274 599 
e-mail:                   jozef.gasparik@stuba.sk

Key words:

Non-destructive testing, mortar, concrete, laboratory of wet processes, photogrametry


The history of the department goes back to 1954. Since that time The Department of Building Techno­logy provides instruction in subjects inclu­ding the Technology of Building Processes, Building Technology, Building-service Tech­nology, Site Equip­ment Theory, Computer-Aided Preconstruction Design, Project Ma­nagement, Preconstruction Design of Reno­vation, Environ­mental Protection During Construction, and Total Quality Manage­ment.

Research activities are mainly focused on the optimisation of site facilities, optimal usage of machines and multiple-machine groups, methods and criteria for optimum decision-making in preconstruction design, pro­ject and maintenance management, total build­ing quality management, environmental protec­tion during construction, biocorrosion of build­ing structures, simulation models of building processes and non-destructive testing, techniques and procedures of building renovation.

In other years, the department led projects of applied research, namely FIBERDIST „Analysis of homogenity of fibers in fiber-reinforced concrete“; AFIDINCON „Analysis of distribution of steel fibers in real structures“; SLWA_DESORPT „Evaluation and model of water desorption from lightweight aggregate for internal curing in concrete“; Acceleration of concrete hardening using electric (resistance) wires;


stanovenie zrelosti betonu

Figure 1:   Measurement of Concrete maturity in correlation with measured conductivity of concrete

fotogrameticke analyzy

Figure 2:   Photogrametry analysis – width of cracks in concrete structures

Figure 3:   Uniformity o distribution of steel fibers in fiber-reinforced concrete beams