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Science and research

Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies

Institute:              Institute of Applied Informatics
Contact person: Ing. Vanda Benešová, PhD.
Contact:              +421 2 2102 2419
e-mail:                 benesova@fiit.stuba.sk
web page:           http://vgg.fiit.stuba.sk/wordpress/laboratory/


Laboratory of computer vision and graphics serves mainly for the research. Students and team work projects activities cover the field of computer vision, computer graphics, virtual reality, augmented reality and new methods of Human-Computer Interaction.

The laboratory provides the facility for the research of Augmented reality systems using a large-sized transparent projection foils, multiple projectors, four Kinect sensors, and cameras such as power-full PC with NVIDIA GPU.


The most important projects:

  • "Can a computer see?" - Diploma project in which were investigated new methods of recognizing objects.
  • "Control everything by everything" - a successful team proejekt presented by Researchers' Night in Digipoint, The Week of Science and Technology, etc. The project demonstrates an experimental system for research of multimodal human interaction (gestures, speech, gestures, touch, move your phone, etc.,...) with technical devices (TV, HiFi, bulb switch off-on ..)
  • "Educative and entertainment system for passenger in a car" - that is running a team project using methods of augmented reality. Project was supported by the Volkswagen Foundation.
  • Large data visualization using methods of  augmented reality - just running team project using augmented reality.



Open Day in Laboratory of computer vision and graphics