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Science and research

Faculty of Materials Science and Technology

Institute:            Department of Technological devices/UVSM
Contact person:  Msc. Angela Javorová, PhD.
e-mail:               angela.javorova@stuba.sk


The laboratory is intended for the use of CAD systems software like AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop and CATIA. It is also used for the programming of industrial mobile robots modules belonging to the ROBOLAB module. Furthermore it is also possible the use of other simulation software like Witness and FluidSim. At present there are 10 workstations (PC Intel Pentium4) within the laboratory that are connected to a local network of 1000 mb of a speed and to the internet as well. These 10 workstations have been installed an official CATIA license. In the laboratory it is also possible to open and run 3D models of individual workpieces, while also generate control programs for the individual productive and manipulation devices of the Flexible Manufacturing system.



  • VEGA 1/0206/09 – Intelligent assembly cell
  • VEGA 1/0163/10 – Clamping fixtures in intelligent production systems



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CAD laboratory