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Science and research

Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava

Department/Institute: Institute of Safety, Environment and Quality
Contact person:         prof. Ing. Maroš Soldán, PhD.
Contact:                    +421 906 068 515
e-mail:                      maros.soldan@stuba.sk


The laboratory is used to the determination of organic substances, equiped with the gas chromatograph GC MS AGILENT 5975C with Triple-Axis HED-EM detector and highly sensitive FT IR spectrophotometer Varian 660 MIDIRU designed as dual versions of MCT detectors / DTGS + Varian 610 single detector Microscope Mapping - single-detector with Fourier transformation signal and Gladi diamond ATR



  • LPP-0171-07 (01.04.2008-31.03.2011) Natural phenomenon for small and big issues in experiments
    A communication portal will be created that will be oriented to the pilot ideas: environmental education and health, physics in common life, astronomy, alternative sources of energy, wastes and recycling ... (Realize after consultations - investigation - with teacher from basic and secondary schools). It will facilitate communication with the public and students of basic and secondary schools. E-materials and recorded experiments will be published on the created web page (it could be used in pedagogical process, also in preparation of talented students to some competition). During the preparation of materials, from teacher´s requirements for experiments will be determined which are not able to be realized due to dangerous chemicals, absence of tools and instruments).
  • KEGA 3/6431/08 (01.01.2008- 31.12.2010) Determination of emission quantification and indicators of atmosphere quality in European legislation conditions
    The project is focused specifically on the results of research on the subject of state detection and emission production to air in acceptance of changed conditions by European legislation. The research results are missing in actual educational materials. Within the frame of finding a solution, the project will be prepared to complete educational materials for education on subjects such as "Techniques of air protection" and "Technical devices of measurement and monitoring" which will focus on measurement, scoring and optimization of particulate and gaseous emissions. After completion, the proposed project will be explored and documented by research on the practical application of theoretical knowledge.
  • VEGA 1/0352/09 (01.01.2009- 31.12.2011) The expositation of advanced oxidation processes in removal of organic pollutants from machine industry wastewaters by the use of wastes from production and treatment of metals as catalysts
    The research focuses on innovation of degradation processes of organic pollutants in wastewaters by the use of oxidation in the presence of catalysts. Some wastes from treatment and production of metals will be used, such as red mud, black nickel mud, etc. The new possibilities for reduction of environmental impact from cutting and surface processes will be tested.
  • ITMS 26220220056 Hybrid power supply for technical consultancy laboratory for the use and promotion of renewable sources and energy 2010-2012
    Prototype of a hybrid source-based RES construction (hydro-potential, solar, biogas and bioethanol) for long term testing and promotion. Through the proposed interventions the prestige of research will be increased, which will also lead to increased interest in the quest for talent and higher employment in this field. The benefit will be new creative ideas and flexible responses to the needs of small enterprises and their closer cooperation. The resulting effect will be more competitive research teams within the national research, more interest in small and medium enterprises to conduct research focused on innovation in public research institutions, universities and other research centers. Slovak research teams will also compete at the international level, bringing the Slovak research development greater cooperation with the international environment and higher success of Slovak applicants in the 7th Framework Program of EU and other EU initiatives.



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Fig. 1: FT IR spectrophotometer Varian 660 MIDIRU

Fig. 2: The gas chromatograph GC MS AGILENT 5975C