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Science and research

Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava

Institute:           Institute of safety environment and quality
Contact person: prof. Ing. Maroš Soldán, PhD.
Contact:            +421 906 068 515
e-mail:              maros.soldan@stuba.sk


The laboratory is specialized in traditional and non-traditional use of renewable energy sources - solar, hydropower and hydrogen.

Photovoltaic system which is part of the Laboratory of renewable energy sources is "off grid" system. It consists of 3 SOLARTEC SG 215-6Z type multicrystalline photovoltaic panels with installed capacity of 215W, with total installed capacity of 645 W, with effect 16%. To ensure the battery charging (2 batteries for solar systems VARTA S820 70, 12V, 100 Ah) is used solar system controller PHOCOS PL 60. To change the DC voltage to AC  is used DC / AC inverter AUTOLAMP from 24 V to 230V 300W.

In the workplace there is a small measuring stand for testing the basic parameters for Pico-hydro turbines, which simulates water flow conditions in the real environment. Small measuring stand includes a centrifugal water pump, a mechanical brake - to simulate load, digital torque meter, digital tachometer, flow meter, supporting structure, a slop tank and measuring and control equipment.

The laboratory is also focused on hydrogen production using PEM electrolyzer and on research in the field of design and the use of HHO hydrogen generator.


Projects and cooperation:

ITMS 262 202 200 56 "Hybrid electrical power source for a technical consulting laboratory for use and promotion of renewable energy resources"



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Fig. 1: Laboratory of renewable energy sources

Fig. 2: Photovoltaic panels SOLARTEC SG 215-6Z