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Science and research

  Faculty of Civil Engineering

  Department:       Department of Structural Mechanics
  Contact person:  Prof. Ing. Norbert Jendželovský, PhD.
  Contact:               + 421 2 5927 4364
  e-mail:                  norbert.jendzelovsky@stuba.sk


Laboratory of Department of Structural Mechanics has following parts:

Dynamic measurement equipment – consists of 5 pieces of piezoelectric accelerometers, 3 pieces of force transducers, impact hammer, big impact hammer with spring, amplifier, A/D converter, range-finder, notebook, and accessories, required software. This dynamic measurement equipment is suitable for determination of dynamic parameters of civil structures (amplitude of vibrations, eigen frequencies of structures), but also for determination of shear wave velocities in materials or in the soil. The maximum time of measurement can be 3 hours and 30 minutes in-situ or continuously in the place with permanent electrical energy source. The maximum sampling frequency can be several thousand samples per one second. This device can be used in research or in practice.

Interferometric radar IBIS-S – this device can be used only in research. Portable interferometric radar is an innovative solution for static and dynamic monitoring of structures, e.g. bridges, buildings, historical monuments, towers, etc. This device is suitable for following cases: testing of loading and displacements, measurement of resonant frequencies of structures, analysis of eigen modes, real-time monitoring of structures.

Optical laboratory – contains several sets of devices, which can be used for application of optical methods, i.e. holography, interferometry, photoelasticity, caustic method, etc. These methods can be suitable for determination of stresses in structures, mainly in case of creation and extension of cracks and defects. Source of light is laser and white light. Examined states of structures are static and also dynamic. The problem of cracks and defects in structures, mainly in case of brittle brake, is still very actual and optical methods (as it was confirmed by results from research) are one from several ways, for solution of anaclastic characteristic around root of crack.

The Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel belongs to the Laboratory of Department of Structural Mechanics. Wind velocity and wind pressure is examined and measured by following devices in front operating sector, where laminar wind flow is existing: digital ALMEMO device with probe type FVAD 35 TH5K2, 16-channels pressure scanner type Scanivalve DSA3217/16 (measuring range up to 2,5 kPa) and 16 differential pressure sensors. Wind pressure distribution on the scale models of structures and wind velocity around the objects can be measured also in rear operating sector, where turbulent wind flow is. More information about BLWT tunnel can be found in part BLWT tunnel.



Creation of National Codes concerning dynamic loading of structures (by seismic and wind); expert opinions of many projects of important structures, which were built on Slovakia and abroad, e.g. verification of carrying capacity of road bridges, static assessment of foundation of INCHEBA building in Bratislava), design and assessment of foundation of water power plant in Gabčíkovo, static and dynamic assessment of National Bank of Slovakia building in Bratislava, design of dampers for television towers and masts, optimal design of Eurotel towers,  analysis of breakdown of gate in lock chamber of water power plant in Gabčíkovo, complex seismic analysis of structures in nuclear power plants in Jaslovské Bohunice and Mochovce considering their accidental and seismic load, design of seismic reinforcement of Embassy building in Bucharest, reconstruction of Rusovce chateau and Karácsonyi palace, dynamic analysis of compressors foundation (HITACHI and SIEMENS in building CCR – references can be obtained in SLOVNAFT Bratislava), tests of vibration of Reduta building located in Bratislava, tests of vibration of building for paper factory building in Ružomberok.  

Membership in scientific organizations, commissions and companies:

Members of Department of Structural Mechanics have been engaged in many inland and foreign scientific organizations, e.g. European Association for Earthquake Engineering, Poland – Slovakia - Czech commission for civil engineering atr Silesian affiliated branch of Poland Academy of Science, European Society of Biomechanics, Östereichische Gesellschaft für Erdbebenengineurweses und Baudynamik, TU Wien, Technical Commitee CEN/TC 250/ SC 8, and also in inland commissions for creation of National Codes SÚTN TK č. 15 – Loading of structures (In Slovak) and TNK č. 111 - Using of Eurocodes (In Slovak).


Projects (VEGA, APVV):

  • Reliability of the Structures under the Effects of the Accidental Loads. Improve the Safety of the Nuclear Power Plants (2012 - 2015, J. KRÁLIK, VEGA 1/1039/12)

  • Modeling of the Basic Characteristic Quantities of Natural Wind in the BLWT Wind Tunnel STU (2013 - 2015, O. HUBOVÁ, VEGA 1/0480/13)

  • Resistance of Metal Girders with Corrugated Web, Beams with Non-Uniform Cross-Sections and Resistance of Steel L-Profiles in Compression (2013 - 2015, Y. KOLEKOVÁ, VEGA 1/0748/13)

  • Prediction of the Behavior of Building Structures under Special Dynamic Loading (2015 – 2017, N. JENDŽELOVSKÝ, VEGA 1/0544/15)

  • Stability and Dynamics of Snap-Through of Slender Webs and Shallow Shells (2015 – 2017, J. RAVINGER, VEGA 1/0272/15)

  • Monitoring of Bearing Structures of Bridges by Multiple Dynamic Tests (2013 – 2015, M. SOKOL, APVV-0236-12)



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dynamicka meracia aparatura
Dynamic measurement equipment

interferometricky radar
Interferometric radar IBIS-S

opticke laboratorium
Fig. 3: Optical laboratory

Fig.4. Laser generator