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Science and research

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Department:       Department of Surveying
Contact person:  Prof. Ing. Alojz Kopáčik, PhD.
Contact:                +421 2 59 274 472
e-mail:                   alojz.kopacik@stuba.sk


The Laboratory of Deformation Monitoring of Structures deals with the determination of long-term and dynamic deformations of buildings, industrial objects and their structures. The researchers have designed and developed an Automated Measurement System (AMS) for long-term monitoring of bridge structure. The AMS consist of:

  • Accelerometers,
  • Tilt sensors,
  • Total station,
  • Temperature sensors,
  • Weather station,
  • Time server – time synchronization of the individual subsystems. 

The laboratory solves research projects using modern measurement devices. In addition to the above mentioned system, the laboratory deals with determination of deformation using terrestrial laser scanning, photogrammetric methods and INSAR.


Projects, cooperation:

  • APVV-0236-12 Bridge Structural Health Minotoring Via Repeated Dynamic Tests.
  • VEGA 1/0706/09 Measuring system development for continual monitoring of the Bratislava bridges.


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automatizovany meraci systemmost Apollo
Fig.1: Automated Measurement System - Bridge Apollo

urcovanie posunov
Fig.2: Deformation monitoring of the Liberty Bridge using TLS