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Science and research

  Faculty of Civil Engineering

  Department:      Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering
  Contact person: Ing. Kristína Galbová, PhD.
  Contact:              +421 2 5927 4702, fax: +421 2 5927 4602
  e-mail:                 andrea_stanova@stuba.sk, kristina.galbova@stuba.sk
                                      web page:           www.kzdi.sk/N/EN/index-e.html


Key words:

Integrated Water, Sewer Design, Sanitary Sewer, Surface Water Hydrology, Sanitation, Balneotechnology, Health resort - Spa, GIS Application, Waste Management, Waste Reduction, Landfill, Environmental, Environmental Impact, etc.



The Department of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering laboratories are dedicated primarily to research and development tasks focused on and around the chemistry of fresh water treatment, but also waste water purification. The subject of the research is water chemistry and analytical chemistry; the sewer and waste water treatment laboratory is focused on waste water and degradation of organic matter.

Material and technical facilities of the laboratory and lecture room complements research and development tasks in the field of utilization and protection of water sources, sewer systems hydraulics, hydrology of urbanized areas, organic material degradation at landfills, etc.

Output from R&D enables publication activities, which supports professional growth of researchers as well as successful representation of our faculty, at home and abroad. The laboratories are utilized in the research and creation process of bachelor and masters final thesis and are also used in the education process for several seminaries.

The department has personal and technical capacities at its disposal, to conduct and evaluate laboratory and pilot tests, which are necessary for solving research project, bachelor, masters and doctoral theses. Hach DR2800 and Hach DR2000 portable spectrophotometers are available for the determination of inorganic substances and some basic indicators in drinking, surface and waste water, a UVVIS Laboratory spectrometer Camspect for the determination of oil and various inorganic indicators, laboratory analyzer ITP01 (isotachoforesis) for the determination of cations and anions present in drinking water, a laboratory TOC analyzer for the determination of organic substances in water, a device for the determination of BOD5, a thermal reactor for the determination of CODCr, a mineralization device for degradation and preparation of samples, two gas chromatographs with FID and ECD detector in case of special organic analysis (eg determination of hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, chlorinated phenols, triazine herbicides, phthalates, etc.). The department also owns other necessary appliances (pH meter, oximeter, Conductivity meter from WTW and Hach) , facilities for on-line measurement of flow and ISCO sampling.



National grants:

  • Experimental research of reducing flood impacts on sewer network in urban areas, APVV (2013)
  • Quantification of input data and model parameters influences on correctness of outputs of dispersion simulation models for surface water, APVV (2013)
  • Increase of stormwater runoff retention and detention in urban catchments, VEGA (2013)
  • Surface water disposal in integrated system of urban area drainage, VEGA (2013)
  • Nature Materials for Removal of Harmful Compounds from Environment, VEGA (2013)
  • Urban area sewerage, KEGA (2011)
  • Competitive and Environmental Safe Systems of Solid Waste Management, VEGA (2011)

International projects:

  • Experimental Research Of Sewer Network Flood Impact Reducing On Urban Area, EROSNIF (2013)
  • Developing Water Loss Prevention, DeWaLoP (2013)
  • Towards Sustainable Water Resources Management in Central Asia, SWAN (2010)
  • Network for Master Training in Technologies of Water Resources Management, NETWATER (2009)



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laboratórium zdravotníckeho a enviro inžinierstva

Laboratory of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering