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Science and research

Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava

Department/Institute: Institute of Safety, Environment and Quality
Contact person:         Prof. Ing. Karol Balog, PhD.
Contact:                   +421 918 646 041
e-mail:                      karol.balog@stuba.sk


Laboratory equipped with Safety calorimeter SEDEX and combustion calorimeter IKA C4000.

Safety calorimeter SEDEX

  • Used for analysis of safety parameters of thermally unstable materials
  • Heating range from room temperature to 400°C, maximal pressure 150 bar
  • Volume of standard pressure vessel for sample 20ml
  • Volume of calorimeters oven 15l, means of measurement can be modified
  • sensitivity 0,05°C or 0,5 mW/g of sample
  • Operational modes:  
    • DTA – sequential
    •  Thermal analysis under isothermal conditions
    •  Thermal analysis under dynamic heating
    •  Thermal analysis under adiabatic conditions
    •  Accelerated Rate Calorimetry (ARC)
    •  Thermal analysis under isoperibolic conditions

IKA C4000

  • Oxygen combustion calorimeter with adiabatic shield, for determination of heat of combustion and heating value of combustible materials.



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Figure 1 Safety calorimeter SEDEX

Figure 2 Combustion calorimeter IKA C4000