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Science and research

Faculty of materials science and technology in Trnava

Department/Institute: Department of Applied Mechanics/ÚVSM
Contact person:         Assoc.Prof. Mária Behúlová, PhD.
Contact:                   +421 906 068 601
e-mail:                      maria.behulova@stuba.sk


Laboratory is focused on assessment of through-hardening of materials using Wolfson quenching test. Laboratory is equipped with pneumatic facilities to manipulate the samples and with muffle furnace with programmed heating. Time history of temperatures measured on samples by K-thermocouple evaluated using specialized data acquisition unit NI-USB 9211.



  • „Analysis of non-equilibrium thermal, metallurgical and stress-strain processes in production technologies involving rapid cooling and solidification of metallic materials.“ (VEGA 1/1041/11)
  • „Quantification of cooling properties of coolants in the field of heat thermal treatment processes supported by computer modeling suport of dominantly thermal technological processes.“ (VEGA 1/0721/08)
  • „Design and optimisation of innovative forming and heat treatment technologies supported by FEM simulation.“ (VEGA 1/0837/08)



Experimental setup for through-hardening of material tests: (1) electrical resistance furnace,(2) furnace control and frequency inverter, (3) pattern holder, (4), control PC, (5) cooling medium and its heater, 6 - pneumatic manipulator