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AMBA študenti zo Slovenska povedali

Doc. Ing. Štefan Rosina, PhD., MBA

President and CEO of Matador Holding, a.s.

AMBA Participant 2011 - 2013

Since the begin of the financial crisis in 2008 I have been pushed to solve many operational problems in our company. Participation in automotive MBA requested time to study, which in turn gave me a chance to slow down operational work and to rethink  strategy points.

During the study I have “reconnected” many facts and information I already had from the past with the new information I received during the study. It help me to create in many management areas completely new view on different problems. I got the “new complete picture” about our operation.

It is really a big pleasure to meet every month during years of study group of excellent colleagues from different countries and companies. Despite age differences (24 to 50 in our group) we became friends and partners maybe for the rest of our lives. This program is an excellent opportunity to for all people, who would like really to improve their level of performance and knowledge in automotive industry.

Ing. Zuzana Šolopová, MBA

Launch team manager at Kongsberg Automotive

AMBA Participant 2011 - 2013

Since I have graduated university, I never managed to finish my education. International certificates of welding and other technical and quality training programmes improved my professional background on technical level, but I was missing information and knowledge from a higher perspective to better understand the relationship between processes and people.

When I started to find a suitable training program, I was unsure of trying an MBA. I thought that it would be too general and a predominately economically oriented study. This perception was guiding my decision to find something more specific, much more practical with people experienced from industry, not just from an academy field.

I was really surprised when searching on Google and I found the Automotive MBA training program organized by Technical University from Wien with Slovak University of Technology from Bratislava. This was the first point I really appreciated International study close to home and work. The training program cost was comparable with other MBA studies even with a worse rating. 

Automotive MBA study has also been one of my best decisions in my personal life as well. Basic information from finance, tasks solving under time pressure, team work and motivation - all these topics will help me to better organize my personal and professional life which is an additional value from this study that I fully recommend.

Ing. Slavomír Hunák, MBA 

International business development and Key account management AMK Arnold Müller GmbH & Co.KG

AMBA Participant 2009 - 2011

Thanks to the MBA studies and detailed insight into best practices of automotive industry also other industrial customers had been positively affected and many new acquired. For our international company in Germany which is having it´s origins in industrial automation was the successful expansion into automotive very big step. And very successful in terms of using existing technologic leadership from motors, drives and control technology. Getting personal contacts for some of the top managements and up-to-date information is the basis for growth and internalization of business operations, but the busines is done always between people. Gaining friends with incredible drive going the same direction in their careers is the main reason to recommend post-graduate study of Automotive MBA.  

Ing. Ivan Hyžák

Poject Manager, MATADOR Industries

AMBA participant 2013 -

There is no need to talk about the importance of the automotive business in our country. Slovak Republic nowadays is and will be for a long time the world´s leader in production of vehicles per inhabitant (181 of manufactured vehicles per 1 000 inhabitants in the 2013 according to the Automotive Industry Association of Slovakia).
Professional MBA Automotive industry study is a very good opportunity to see broad perspective and the impact of this industrial sector. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of lecturers was very inspiring too. Other important thing is the transfer of experiences from my fellow students whose professional positions are different, but we all have the mutual focus point - the automotive industry. I have been participating in many different educational activities during my professional carrier, but none of them was so comprehensive and as strongly aimed to practical application of theory as the MBA Automotive industry study. Experiences during the study will definitely contribute to my personal development.