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Opening symposium of the

Alliance of China-Central European Universities for Science, Innovations and Technology

18th of October 2017

Venue: Hotel Bratislava, Seberíniho 9, Bratislava, Slovakia




8.30                        Registration

9.00                         Working group meeting – administrative details of Alliance creation, working plan for next period, Q and A of partners’ universities


10.00                      Symposium opening

Welcome speech STU – prof. Robert Redhammer, rector of Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava

Welcome speech TJU – prof. Shu Gequn, Executive Vice-Party Secretary of Tianjin University, China

                               Welcome speech J.E. Lin Lin, Ambassador of China’s Peoples Republic in Slovakia

10.30 h                    Memorandum of Understanding for China-Central European Alliance of Universities for Innovations, Science and Technology signature – 10 Chinese universities + 10 Central European universities + GROUP PHOTO


11.00 h                   Coffee break

11.30 h                   Plenary session


1. Session – SMART Urban Eco Concepts for XXIst Century

Session is chaired by: Michal Šedivý, ZSE


prof. Maroš Finka, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovak Republic: Slovak Smart City Cluster and Bratislava

prof. Junxiang Li, East China Normal University, China: China urban development and smart cities

prof. Karel Maier, CVUT Praha, Czech Republic:

Michal Pevný, Laser Media

prof. Izabela MironowiczWroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland:  Smart city concepts in Poland

prof. Mykola Savytskyi, Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ukraine:  PSACEA researches in the field of ECO SMART Cities - Architecture and structures

Dr. Ramona Oros, ESEIA Gratz, Austria: ESEIA activities in the smart city domain


13.00 h                   Lunch

14.00 h                    Sessions


  1. 2.        Session – SMART City and Use of Information Technology for Better Development 

Conference hall Gallery, 1st floor

Session is chaired by – prof. Jozef Wozniak, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland


prof. Ivan Kotuliak, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovak Republic:  Enhancing  Smart City with Software Defined Networks

Zuzana Nehajová, EY - Are we ready to use the data in a smart way?

prof. WU Jiang, the Executive Vice President of Tongji University, China

Dr. Dóra Maros, Obuda University, Hungary: Internet of Things wireless solutions in Smart Cities

Irantzu Allende Fernandez de Eribe, ZTE

Dr. Robert Bešták, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic: Detection of Space-Time User Mobility Using Public Cellular Network Signaling Data



  1. 3.        Session -  SMART City and Transportation

Conference hall F3, Ground floor

Session is chaired by assoc. prof. Jozef Ristvej, University of Žilina, Slovak Republic


prof. Shu Gequn, Tianjin University, Waste heat recovery for internal combustion engine

assoc. prof. Ján Lešinský, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovak Republic: Smart City - Stimulus for Innovation Strategy of "new" Mobility.

prof. Shengchuan Zhao, Dalian University of Technology, China: Development and Challenges of Transportation System in China

prof. Miroslav Svitek, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic: Smart Mobility

Dr. Giuseppe Lugano: University of Žilina, Slovak Republic: “Mobility and Time Value (MoTiV): a Slovak initiative to advance the state-of-the-art on value of travel time research”.