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Science and research

Faculty of materials science and technology in Trnava

Department/Institute:   Department of Technological devices/ UVSM
Contact person:assoc. Prof, Msc. Peter Košťál, PhD.
Contact:                      +421 918 646 040
e-mail:                        peter.kostal@stuba.sk


The laboratory is aimed at the research and teaching principles of pneumatic and electropneumatic systems used in the field of mechanization and automation in the industrial context. The laboratory consists of advanced calculation technique that allows simulating and exercising on the different pre-designed pneumatic and electropneumatic (logical) circuits associated to different specific subjects such as Mechanization and automation, Theory of systems and automatic machines and Assembly devices and machines.



  • KEGA 3/5211/07 – Virtual laboratory of pneumatic and electropneumatic control systems building



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Fig. 1: Virtual laboratory

Fig. 2: Work in Virtual Laboratory