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Science and research

Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology

Department/Institute: Department of Inorganic Chemistry
Contact person:            Prof. Ing. Peter Segľa, PhD.
Contact:                         +421 2 5932 5209
e-mail:                            peter.segla@stuba.sk


Laboratory of spectrophotometry is equipped with infrared spectrophotometer Nicolet 5700 Thermo Electron Corporation and UV-Vis spectrophotometer SPECORD 250 from Carl Zeiss Jena. Infrared spectra can be measured at laboratory temperature in the range from 4000 cm-1- 400cm-1 (both in KBr pellets and by ATR technique) and in the range from 400 cm-1to 200 cm-1 (FAR-IR).

The device SPECORD 250 operates in the range 190 – 1100 nm. The electronic spectra can be taken in solution or in solid state (Nujol suspension on a Whatman filter paper) at laboratory temperature. The laboratory specializes in research of coordination compounds in solution and in study of their biological activity.