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Science and research

Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies

Institute:             Institute of Computer Systems and Networks
Contact person: Ing. Dominik Macko, PhD.
Contact:              +421 2 2102 2518
e-mail:                 dominik.macko@stuba.sk
web:                     www.cisco.fiit.stuba.sk


Laboratories are used in practical lessons within several network subjects, as well as for networking courses of Cisco Networking Academy, established at our faculty. These laboratories are also used by our Instructor Training Centre which is a part of Cisco Networking Academy. The available hardware helps students and other staff in their research during practical experiments while working on bachelor, master or doctoral thesis.

Laboratories are equipped with several network interconnecting devices, like switches and routers. For teaching and testing of wireless communication, wireless access points and wireless network cards are available. All devices are originated mainly in Cisco company.



Fig.1 and 2: View of laboratory