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Department of International Relations (ÚMV STU)
Vazovova 5, 812 43 Bratislava
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Current state:

Applications for traineeship can be submitted continuously throughout the year. The sent application will be included in the list of applications.
Financial opportunities of the Erasmus+ STU grant enable the work placements for students and future graduates for 4 months max.

ERASMUS+ Traineeship

Traineeship is the period a student/graduate spends in an enterprise or organization in the European Union countries with partial financial support from the European Union.
It aims at helping individuals to adapt to the requirements of the European Community labour market in order to acquire technical and practical skills and a better understand the economic and social conditions of the host country within the context of acquiring work experience.


The European Union provides mobility students with partial financial support. The total amount of support is calculated based on the number of months and days of a student’s mobility and monthly rates according to the country of destination. The EU financial support does not cover all costs of a student; the student may use it to cover only the mobility-related costs, such as travel, accommodation, meals, local transport, insurance and others.

The student can make arrangements with the host organizations on a special pay or another bonus provided by the host organization.

Students can also apply for a zero grant (requiring no financial support), but still having the status of an Erasmus+ student and the same responsibilities as the students with allotted grant.

Monthly grants in individual countries 

Who may become an Erasmus+ trainee

a) Any student who, at the time of the traineeship, is a duly enrolled STU student, or
b) Any graduate who participates in traineeship within 1 year after graduation.
c) A citizen of the Slovak Republic, an EU member state or other states participating in the programme, the one with permanent residence in Slovakia and having citizenship or a refugee status in Slovakia.
d) The students studying at a Slovak university with permanent residence outside the Slovak Republic cannot participate in mobility in the country of their permanent residence.

Duration of Erasmus+ Traineeship

a) The minimum duration of traineeship is two months. Regarding the allotted STU Erasmus+ grant, the maximum duration of the student /graduate traineeship is four months.
b) A student can attend mobility in each level of study, i.e. during the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees.
c) At each study level, a student can attend max of 12 months of mobility (Erasmus+ traineeship and Erasmus+ study)
d) A graduate can attend traineeship up to one year after graduation.

Traineeship can be attended continuously throughout the year, during the winter or summer semesters or during the summer holiday.


Where traineeship can be performed

In companies/enterprises, training centres, higher education institutions, research centres and other organizations in the public or private sectors.

Students can find a company themselves or in cooperation with the faculty.

Traineeship can be performed in the EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and Macedonia.

Traineeship cannot be performed in:
a) The European institutions and other EU bodies, including the European agencies,
b) The institutions managing the European programmes;
c) National representations (embassies etc.) of the country the student comes from.

Application for traineeship and related documents:

a) Application
The application must contain the basic information on the intended traineeship: company, country and supposed duration of mobility.

Deadline for submitting the applications:
-  Students can apply continuously throughout the year.
- Future graduates of the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral study may apply for traineeship continuously throughout the final year of the study no later than before the date of the State Examinations.

The form completed, signed and scanned by the student/graduate shall be sent via e-mail to the institutional coordinator (michaela.briatkova@stuba.sk) in the STU Department of International Relations (STU ÚMV).
Institutional coordinator contacts the student/graduate and they together finalise the details and options for the traineeship performance.

After agreeing terms of attending internships with institutional co-ordinator and a at least 2-4 weeks before departing, the student/graduate submits the completely filled, stamped and signed originals of the following documents to the STU ÚMV (STU Dept. of International Relations):

b) Learning Agreement for Traineeship (2019/2020)
Learning Agreement for Traineeship is an agreement on the traineeship schedule attended by student/graduate in the foreign company. The Agreement must be approved by the signature and stamp of guarantor of the study programme and vice-dean for education, and also by the receiving company.

c) The Letter of Acceptance
The Letter of Acceptance issued by the receiving company confirms the acceptance of the student/graduate to the Erasmus traineeship for the agreed time period.
- The Letter of Acceptance must be written on the letterhead of the receiving company.
- The Letter of Acceptance must be stamped and signed by the consultant (person responsible for supervising the student).

The receiving company shall send either the originals of Learning Agreement for Traineeship together with the Letter of Acceptance to the address of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Department of International Relations (STU ÚMV), Vazovova 5, 812 43 Bratislava, Slovakia, or the scanned documents by e-mail to: international@stuba.sk.

Graduates shall attach a copy of diploma or a certificate of accomplished study.


a) On-line language assessment
All outbound participants must attend the online assessment of language skills before and at the end of mobility. The test results do not affect participation in the Erasmus+ mobility; they serve as a research tool of the European Commission. Student/graduate will receive a link to the language test to his/her e-mail address.

b) Accommodation abroad
Receiving company may provide accommodation or guidance to incoming mobile participants in finding accommodation; otherwise the participants arrange accommodation themselves.      

c) Travel tickets
Student/graduate individually buys a travel ticket, flight ticket or a ticket for other means of transport.

d) Insurance:
1. European health insurance card – a copy
2. Commercial insurance including:
- Liability insurance covering the damage caused by the student at the workplace, along with a description of what it covers.
- Accident insurance covering the damage caused to the student at the workplace, along with a description of what it covers, if such insurance is not provided to the foreign students by the receiving company (in some countries, employees and trainees are insured by employer by law)
- Medical expenses in case of major medical interventions, together with a description of what they cover.

Student/graduate shall hand the copies of documents to the STU ÚMV (Dept. of International Relations) before departing.   

e) Repeal of traineeship
The student/graduate who is unable to leave the planned Erasmus+ Traineeship for some reason, immediately reports that fact to the STU ÚMV (Dept. of Int. Relations).

f) Obligation towards the Faculty: It is advisable to inform the Registrar’s Office of the parent STU faculty about the departure and get information about other obligations before leaving for mobility.

The following documents for the Erasmus+ traineeship shall be submitted to the STU ÚMV during office hours either by the student/graduate in person or by the person authorized by student, or sent by regular mail to the STU ÚMV address:.
a) A copy of the compulsory health insurance - European health insurance card.
b) A copy of the commercial insurance: liability insurance, accident insurance, medical expense insurance.
c) The form of the personal account
Personal account must be held in any bank in the Slovak Republic and the account holder must be the student/ graduate. Account information forms part of the contract for the grant. The EU grant will be transferred to the given account of the students/graduate. Student/graduate is obliged to indicate the current bank account in the AIS.
d) The form with details of the contact person/persons in need.
e) Social scholarship: a student who will receive social scholarship in the period of the Erasmus+ traineeship shall submit an order on being granted social scholarship for the given academic year, and is entitled to an increase in the grant of EUR 50 per month.

When the students/graduates sign the Grant Agreement for Erasmus+ and when they receive the Grant

a) The Agreement of financial support for a traineeship student/graduate (Grant Agreement) must be signed prior to departing for traineeship. STU ÚMV shall elaborate the Agreement after the students have submitted all the documents to travel.

The Agreement contains information on the conditions for disbursement of funds, the commitments of the students/graduates who meet the grounds for entitlement to the grant and their failure could result in loss of entitlement to the grant, and also the rights of the Erasmus+ students/graduates.

Student/graduate signs the Grant Agreement in person at the STU ÚMV during the office hours. In case the student/graduate cannot come to sign the Grant in person, he/she may authorize another person to submit an original notarized authorization. Original authorization shall be attached to the Grant Agreement.

b) Certificate of the traineeship commencement
Student/graduate shall send the form confirmed by the foreign company from abroad by e-mail (scanned original) or by regular mail to STU ÚMV (the envelope must include the original). After receiving the form, STU ÚMV will issue a request for the grant transfer to the student/graduate’s bank account.

The students/graduates are recommended to fill in the form themselves and ask the receiving company to sign and stamp it. Date of the mobility check in must coincide with the start date of the mobility commencement as indicated in the Agreement of providing financial support for the traineeship.

Payment arrangements

Within 30 calendar days of the signing of the Erasmus+ Agreement for the provision of financial support for the traineeship by both sides and after delivering the Certificate of check in (the traineeship), 80% of the funding (grant) will be paid to the participant's personal account.

Submission of the on-line report and delivery of all necessary documents on the mobility completion are considered to be a request for payment of the balance of 20% of financial support (grant).

Students/graduates are required to specify in AIS the bank account to which the grant is to be paid.


a) Traineeship Certificate
Traineeship Certificate is a document in which a foreign supervisor evaluates all aspects of the student/graduate’s work in the company. Supervisor evaluates the acquired knowledge, skills, both intellectual and practical, as well as the competences acquired during the training period in the company.

Traineeship Certificate must contain the original signature of the supervisor, the stamp of the company and date of issue.

b) Certificate of the traineeship completion
Students/graduates are recommended to fill the form themselves and ask the receiving company to sign and stamp it. Date of the mobility completion must coincide with the end date of the Erasmus+ mobility indicated in the Grant Agreement. The original shall be delivered to STU ÚMV.

c) Certificate of the traineeship commencement. The original shall be delivered to STU ÚMV.

d) Student/graduate’s Report on the Erasmus+ Traineeships.

Information on access to the report and direct link to fill the report is generated by Mobility Tool and sent to student/graduate’s e-mail address at the end of mobility. Student/graduate fills the report in Mobility Tool online and confirms it by pressing "Submit"; there is no need to print the report.

Student/graduate or a person authorised by them shall deliver all these documents in person to the STU ÚMV or send them by regular mail.


Identification of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava within the Erasmus+ programme:
ECHE - Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2020: 48145-1-2014-1-SK-EPPKA3-ECHE

European Policy Statement

Europass – a student may in their own interest complete the Europass form - a document confirming the completion of a traineeship in a foreign company or organization. The form must be approved by all stakeholders (student, and the receiving and sending institutions). If interested in issuing this document, please contact the STU Institute of International at international@stuba.sk. More information on Europass: here.

For more information regarding the Erasmus+ Traineeship please contact the ÚMV staff.