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A Duplicate is issued to the graduates of STU when the original document was stolen, lost, damaged or destroyed
on the basis of the electronic application1 in *.pdf format file. The application must be downloaded to the PC,
completed, signed and sent as the scanned document to email     or send by
Slovak Postal Service together
with proof of payment to:

Rektorát STU/Rector´s Office of STU
Útvar vzdelávania a starostlivosti o študentov/Department of Education and Students Care
Vazovova 5
812 43 Bratislava 1, Slovak Republic

When the duplicate document is issued, the original is valid no longer.

Diploma or Extract from the Book of Diplomas

Fee: 20 €2   e-mail: (education@stuba.sk)

Certificate of the State Examination


a) In the case you graduated in 2000 or earlier, the duplicates of the certificates of state examination are issued by the
Study Departments of Faculties of STU. Contacts to the Study Departments: HERE.

b) In the case of your graduation in 2001 and later, the duplicates of the certificates of state examination are issued
by the Department of Education and Students Care, Rector´s Office of STU. In this case please use the published application form
Fee: 20 €2   e-mail: (education@stuba.sk)

Diploma Supplement

Fee: 20 €2   e-mail: (education@stuba.sk)

Recognition of a Diploma issued by a higher education institution outside of the Slovak Republic

Fee: 20 €2   e-mail: (barbora.urbanova@stuba.sk or education@stuba.sk)

Certificate of Teaching Skills

Fee: 20 €2 e-mail: (education@stuba.sk)


2 Shipping costs are included in the fee.

(Fees for issuing of the study and graduation documents are stipulated in the Rector's Directive valid
for the current academic year).   

Fee Payment Details:
Beneficiary's IBAN: SK8881800000007000084007
Beneficiary's Account Name: Slovenska technicka univerzita
(Slovak University of Technology)
Beneficiary's Address: Vazovova 5, 812 43 Bratislava
Country Code: SK
BIC/SWIFT -  Beneficiary Bank Code:                                             
Beneficiary bank: Statna pokladnica
Radlinskeho 32
810 05 Bratislava
Any remittance information:
Constant symbol: 0308
Variable symbol: 901111024 (for a Duplicate)
Information for the addressee:

901111 and the sender's surname - document, e.g. 901111 Smith - a duplicate                           


The payment of the fee can be made by bank transfer to the account (all information can be found at the
bottom of the application) or by postal voucher.

When the payment of the fee is made, the duplicate will be issued within 30 calendar days, depending on the
availability of the data. Thank you kindly for your understanding.

The duplicate can not be exposed while you wait.  When the document is issued, the notification will be sent
to you by email or by phone. The duplicate may be sent by post, the postage is included in the fee for the issuing
of the document or may be taken over by the applicant personally during office hours at the premises of the
Department of Education and Student Care, Rector´s Office of STU.