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Science and research

  • EIT Manufacturing Hub is a representative of EIT Manufacturing in EIT RIS countries
  • There are several EIT Manufacturing Hubs in EIT RIS countries
  • In Slovakia the EIT Manufacturing Hub is located at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and the activities of EIT Manufacturing Hub are lead by Project Centre STU
  • main goals/tasks:
    • create a single point representation of EIT Manufacturing in EIT RIS countries
    • increase engagement and participation of local partners, recruitment of the new members
    • support local innovators
    • raise awareness to and gain support from local/national authorities
    • dissemination activities towards business/industry and academic audience (students and faculty)
    • know-how transfer implemention for the facilitation of the needs of the companies (startups, scale-ups, OEMs).
  • Contact person for EIT Manufacturing Hub Slovakia: Mgr. Erika Hlavatá, Project Centre, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, phone: +421 917 669 250, email: erika.hlavata@stuba.sk
  • if you want to receive news to your email address from EIT Manufacturing Hub Slovakia, please fill in this form:


EIT Manufacturing Call for proposals  for Activities to be executed in 2021 is now open, the deadline is 22.05.2020, find more information on: https://eitmanufacturing.eu/activities/call-for-activity-proposals/

Gazelle Accelerator programme - Call for Interest for SMEs and Start-Ups, the deadline is 25.05.2020, find more information on:  https://eitmanufacturing.eu/activities/gazelle-accelerator-programme/ 

EIT Manufacturing Call for Proposals Response to Covid-19 Crisis for Activities to be executed in 2020 is open, deadline: 31.05.2020, 12:00 CEST, find more information on: https://eitmanufacturing.eu/activities/open-call-in-response-to-the-covid-19-crisis/

Call for solutions to fight Water Scarcity which is shared initiative involving EIT’s innovation communities: EIT Food, EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Raw Materials, deadline: 07.06.2020, viac informácií nájdete na: https://eitmanufacturing.eu/activities/call-for-solutions-to-fight-water-scarcity/