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European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) was created in 2008 as a unique EU body which main mission is to address major challenges faced by EU by promoting synergies and cooperation between higher education, research and entrepreneurship. EIT is integral part of the Horizon 2020 program.

EIT Headquarters is situated in Budapest, Hungary.

EIT has two main missions:

Firstly, by promoting and strengthening synergies and cooperation among businesses, education institutions and research organisations, EIT contributes to the competitiveness of Europe, job creation and sustainable economic growth.

Secondly, EIT´s mission is to create favourable environments for creative thought, to enable world-class innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive in Europe.

EIT Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC)

Knowledge and Innovation Communities are created by the EIT in different areas with the objective to boost innovation in Europe, create growth, jobs and entrepreneurs. Each KIC has its own structure, strategic objectives, internal rules and calls for projects within KIC. Every KIC has several regional Co-Location Centres (CLC). Co-Location Centres provide local administrative and operational support for the partners and coordinate local activities and resources.

There are currently eight Knowledge and Innovation Communities:

EIT Climate-KIC is a community of 190 partners and its mission is to build climate resilient society and zero carbon economy. It addresses climate change mitigation and adaptation through these four themes: Urban Transitions, Sustainable Production Systems, Decision Metrics & Finance and Sustainable Land Use.

EIT Digital connects almost 200 partners including corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities and research institutes. It´s focus is in five strategic areas: Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Infrastructure and Digital Finance.

EIT InnoEnergy addresses sustainable energy and has 22 shareholders and more than 400 associate and project partners. Its mission is to build a sustainable long-lasting operational framework between higher education, research and industry, while ensuring its better efficiency and higher impact on innovation.

EIT Health is a consortium formed by universities, research centres and leading businesses which aim is promote healthy living, support active aging, improve healthcare and contribute to a sustainable health economy in Europe. It has more than 50 core partners and 90 associate partners from 14 EU countries.

EIT Raw Materials with more than 120 partners is the largest consortium in the sector of raw materials worldwide. Its mission is to address sustainable exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution.

EIT Food is a consortium of more than 50 partners from 13 countries that focuses on the innovation and entrepreneurship in food sector. Its six strategic objectives are: overcome low consumer trust, create consumer-valued food for healthier nutrition, build a consumer-centric connected food system, enhance sustainability, educate to engage, innovate and advance, and lastly, catalyse food entrepreneurship and innovation.

EIT Urban Mobility is a consortium of 48 partners across 15 countries that is oriented on smart, green and integrated transport.

EIT Manufacturing objective is to strengthen and increase the competitiveness of Europe's manufacturing industry. This consortium is formed by 50 partners from 17 countries.


STU currently participates in two EIT KIC:

  1. EIT Raw Materials as an Associate Partner
  2. EIT Manufacturing as a Core Partner

Nowadays we are working on the possible participation in more EIT KIC.

Benefits of participation in EIT KIC

  • international cooperation between universities, research institutes and business sector
  • networking and matchmaking - more opportunities to find partners in other countries interested in the same thematic
  • higher success possibility for calls than in H2020

Source and more information on EIT website: https://eit.europa.eu/

EIT Raw Materials

EIT Raw Materials connects more than 120 partners from more than 20 EU countries and it´s the largest consortium in the sector of raw materials worldwide. This consortium includes universities, research bodies and businesses from different parts of the value chain or from different fields of application. The administrative headquarters and the legal seat of the association are situated in Berlin, Germany.

Innovation Themes:

  1. Exploration and raw materials resource assessment
  2. Mining in challenging environments
  3. Increased resource efficiency in mineral and metallurgical processes
  4. Substitution of critical and toxic materials in products for optimised performance
  5. Recycling and materials chain optimisation of end-of-life products
  6. Design of products and services for the circular economy


EIT Raw Materials has six Co-Location Centers (CLC) across the Europe:

  • Innovation Hub (CLC) Baltic Sea - Espoo, Finland
  • Innovation Hub (CLC) Central - Metz, France
  • Innovation Hub (CLC) East - Wroclaw, Poland
  • Innovation Hub (CLC) North - Luleå, Sweden
  • Innovation Hub (CLC) South - Rome, Italy
  • Innovation Hub (CLC) West - Leuven, Belgium

There are also two regional centres and three regional HUBs:

  • Regional Center Freiberg – Freiberg, Germany
  • Regional Center Leoben – Leoben, Austria
  • Hub – Regional Center Košice – Košice, Slovak Republic
  • Hub – Regional Center Adria – Slovenia and Croatia
  • Hub-Regional Center Greece

STU in EIT Raw Materials

STU joined EIT Raw materials in 2017 by becoming an Associate Partner. Based on geographic criteria, STU is involved in CLC East situated in Wroclaw, Poland. During 2017 and 2018, STU participated in several networking events, conferences and meetings. In 2019, STU plans to submit two projects for the KAVA calls - one of them as a coordinator of the project and the other as a partner organisation in the project.

Source and more information on EIT Raw Materials website: https://eitrawmaterials.eu/

Find EIT Raw Materials Partners: https://eitrawmaterials.eu/about-us/partners/

Contacts in STU:

For more information about EIT Raw Materials and project possibilities, please contact:            

Mgr. Erika Hlavatá, Project Centre, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, phone: +421 917 669 250, email: erika.hlavata@stuba.sk

or Ing. Lucia Uhorskaiová, PhD., director of the Project Centre, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, phone: +421 905 666 688, email: lucia.uhorskaiova@stuba.sk

EIT Manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing was formed in late 2018 and currently is in the starting phase of its functioning. There will be possibility to participate on the upcoming call for project proposals soon. EIT Manufacturing has 50 partners from 17 countries, from which are approx. 54% industry, 30% universities and 16% RTO.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Excellent manufacturing skills and talents - upskilled workforce and engaged students
  2. Efficient manufacturing innovation ecosystems - ecosystems for innovation, entrepreneurship and business transformation focused on innovation hotspots
  3. Full digitalisation of manufacturing - digital solutions and platforms that connect value networks globally
  4. Customer-driven manufacturing - agile and flexible manufacturing that meets global personalised demand
  5. Socially sustainable manufacturing - safe, healthy, ethical and socially sustainable production and products
  6. Environmentally sustainable manufacturing - making industry greener and cleaner


EIT Manufacturing has five Co-Location Centres (Innovation Hubs) across the Europe, which follow regional principle:

CLC West – situated in Bilbao, for region: France, Portugal, Spain

CLC Central – situated in Darmstadt, for region: Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium

CLC North - situated in Gothenburg, for region: Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Ireland

CLC South - situated in Milan, for region: Italy, Switzerland

CLC East - situated in Vienna, for region: Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia, Austria

Source and more information on EIT website: https://eit.europa.eu/eit-community/eit-manufacturing

Contacts in STU:

For more information about EIT Manufacturing and project possibilities, please contact:

Ing. Lucia Uhorskaiová, PhD., director of the Project Centre, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, phone: +421 905 666 688, email:  lucia.uhorskaiova@stuba.sk

or Mgr. Erika Hlavatá, Project Centre, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, phone: +421 917 669 250, email: erika.hlavata@stuba.sk