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Visiting Professors´ College STU is a series of lectures held by renowned foreign and Slovak experts and dedicated to current issues and innovations in the field of science and technology. 

It is aimed to raise the awareness of STU abroad, to enhance closer contacts with acknowledged scientists and to popularize results of scientific research made at STU.

Proposals to invite acknowledged experts are usually made by deans of faculties, institute directors or members of Rector´s board. 

The lectures are dedicated to current issues and innovations in the field of science and technology and be state-of-the-art lectures. They are held twice a year, usually in May and December, in Dionýz Ilkovič Hall in Mýtna str. No. 36.

Each lecture is be broadcasted online and the recording is later available at STU web page. 

Upcoming lectures


List of performed lectures

14 July 2015  Prof. Rolf Pfrengle, Frankfurt         The German Research and Funding Landscape
14 May 2015 Prof. Chuanzeng Zhang, Siegen        Mechanics and applications of multifunctional materials and structures
8 Dec. 2014 Prof. Drahomír Novák, Brno Material parameters and damage identification based on artificial...
22 May 2014 Prof. Rainer Hasenauer, WU Wien Community Based Innovation and Cross Industry Technology Acceptance