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Exchange students

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava SK BRATISL01 - Info sheet
General information on SK BRATISL01 
- Name and address 
- Academic calendar 
- Academic authorities 
- General description of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
- ECTS Credit Allocation 
Study regulation of STU in Bratislava
(Code of Studies)
Faculties, degree programs, courses and awarded qualifications. 
ECTS information catalogue contains basic description of study programmes and study fields offered at the university faculties including standard study plans. Descriptions of particular courses are also available. ECTS Information Catalogue according to:
- Faculties 
- All Programmes 
- All Courses 
- Qualification Awarded 
ECTS Credit Allocation
Scale of Clasisification
Examination Regulations
Practical information for international students  

Accommodation in Student houses of STU in Bratislava is available for students accepted for Erasmus+ exchange.

Erasmus+ students can apply for the accommodation in student houses through the online system https://ubytovanie.stuba.sk/en/.

Contact person: Elena Trochtova elena.trochtova@stuba.sk

Accommodation in the Student House in Trnava is available for students accepted for Erasmus+ exchange at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava.

Contact person: Maria Resetkova maria.resetkova@stuba.sk

Other possibilities of housing in Bratislava:
Student Residence
Student House
Ubytovňa Alex

Private accommodation is provided by Real estate agencies. Shared flat or room can be found: www.roommates.sk, www.spolubyvanie.sk

ESN STUBA - Erasmus Student Network of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava provides
a volunteering buddy programme to help with arrival, check-in at dormitories, integration and other
Buddy system: https://papaya.iter-idea.com/#ESN STUBA
E-mail: stuba@esn.sk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ESNSTUBA
Instagram: www.instagram.com/esn_stuba

- Costs of living
- Bratislava city transport
- Meals
- Medical facilities
 - Facilities for special needs students
- Insurance
- Financial support for students
 - Student affairs office
- Libraries
- Entrance Visa
- Language and other courses
- Sports and leisure facilities
- Student associations
Other useful information
Intensive Slovak Language Course
Slovak Language Course and other courses for foreigners
Visit Bratislava - the Capital City of Slovakia
Bratislava city transport