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Degree Students

A student with permanent residence in Slovakia, and no other claim to maternity benefits, has a claim to a maternity scholarship in the period starting 27 weeks before her due date determined by a doctor. This scholarship is mainly to cover any costs connected with health conditions, special material needs and preparation for birth.

For the purpose of a maternity scholarship, even a person that has suspended their studies due to pregnancy is considered a student.

A maternity scholarship will be admitted on the basis of a written request.

Steps to submit a request:

  • download the form,
  • fill it out,
  • assure that it is signed and
  • deliver it to the faculty/Institute of Management study department with the following documents:
  1. doctor's note stating that you are 27 weeks before your due date (template is attached to the form)
  2. confirmation from Sociálna poisťovňa (social insurance instituion) that you have no other claim to maternity benefits (template is attached to the form)
  3. copy of ID, or a document stating you have permanent residence in Slovakia

The decision to grant a maternity scholarship lies with the dean of the relevant faculty, or the Rector in the case of the Institute of Management.

The sum granted is 200 € per month, and is granted to the student in that amount to a bank account registered in Slovakia, the number of which is added by the student through AIS.

Scholarship is granted from the first day of the calendar month in which a request was submitted. Even if the conditions for the scholarships were met for a part of that month, the scholarship will be granted for the full month. Scholarship is granted for the months of July and August.

Claim to the scholarship ends

  1. establishment of a parental allowance after the birth of a child (same child that the student received a maternity scholarship for)
  2. establishment of other maternity benefits
  3. termination of pregnancy
  4. termination of studies

The student is responsible for letting the study department/Institute of Management know if she has lost the claim to a manternity scholarship, in the time period of ten days.

If a person has been given both a maternity scholarship and maternity benefits, the scholarship must be returned for the length of the relevant time period.

For the purpose of proving a claim to a maternity scholarship, STU is allowed to process personal data (in the scope of granting such a scholarship) even without direct consent of the student.