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Bratislava and Trnava


There are several ways of flying to the Slovak Republic. You can fly directly to the M. R. Štefánik Airport in Bratislava www.letiskobratislava.sk. The airport is located 30 minutes by bus from the centre of the city.

Many students take advantage of Vienna Airport (www.viennaairport.com), which has many international flights. The airport is located only 45 km from Bratislava. There is direct bus connection from Vienna airport to the Main Bus Station Mlynské Nivy in the downtown area of Bratislava. The bus operates from 8.00 to 23.30 and it takes around 1 hour.

  • Bratislava International Airport M. R. Štefánik is located 15 km from Bratislava’s Old Town. There are two means of transport into Bratislava city: by taxi and bus.
  • International Airport (Austria), thanks to the short distance of Vienna and Bratislava (60 kilometres) it is also possible to use Vienna’s Schwechat International Airport (www.viennaairport.com). Just in front of arrival gate at Vienna airport you will find the departure platform for buses leaving for Bratislava (every hour) which terminate at Bratislava’s Main Bus Station (Hlavná autobusová stanica) Mlynské Nivy. Also from this Main Bus Station in Bratislava the buses leave every hour to Vienna airport Schwechat.

By Train

The railroad service in the Slovak Republic is comfortable. The capital Bratislava is connected with the railroad network of all neighbouring countries (Austria – Vienna, Hungary – Budapest, Poland – Warsaw, Czech Republic – Prague, Ukraine – Kiev). From the Main Train Station in Bratislava, located 5 minutes from the city centre) you can easily reach all the university towns in the Slovak Republic. When taking a taxi from the train station, look for those with the company name listed on the car. For foreign students there are international discounts available for all European countries.

The websites of the Slovak Railways: www.slovakrail.sk or www.zsr.sk provides information on timetables, prices, journey duration and whether you have to switch trains at any point.

Today’s public transport services in Bratislava are of a decent quality in terms of coverage and frequency. They consist of tram lines, trolleybus lines and bus lines.

Student’s tickets or travel pass

Student accepted for study will receive a student ID card. On the basis of the ID card the student can buy one way or multiple/combined student travel tickets or a student travel pass for a validity of 30 or 90 days.

Student´s one way and multiple/combined travel tickets are available from the yellow ticket machines located at the public transport stops, and in some of the newspaper stands. Ticket machines accept coins from the value of 5 cents to EUR 2 only. Immediately after entering the public transport vehicle you have to validate your ticket in stamping machine – the machines lock automatically 30 seconds after departure from the stop.

The student travel pass can be included in the student ID card or it can be issued as a separate card.

Travel tickets and travel passes are issued in special city transport ticket shops. The student travel pass is valid for all buses, trams and trolley buses.