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Within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Call and Teaming Challenge, the SlovakION Project ranged among the best.

Devised under the supervision of the principal coordinator M. Strémy and the team of investigators (O. Moravčík, P. Noga, P. Cuninka), the Project proposal was rated as excellent.

More than 850 project proposals were submitted in Phase 1 of the Project Call; 43 of them advanced to Phase 2, while only the best ones got the chance to be defended before the European Commission.

Representatives of the team were invited to present their Project to the European Commission on 21 February 2019. The result will be known in the second half of March. The winning projects will receive funding up to € 15 million exclusively for scientific purposes.

SlovakION intends to focus mainly on the material research using the ion and plasma technologies, while supporting also other interdisciplinary research projects, e.g. those of the project partners of the renowned European science and research institutions from Germany.

The Centre has attracted such scientists as Mariana Derzsi investigating superconductors or Andrej Dobrotka involved in the black hole research. It, however, provides space also for the student research and development projects, such as a wheelchair controlled by EEG signals, designed by the MTF students under the supervision of M. Strémy.