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On 21September 2016, the STU Department of International Relations (UMV) organized a meeting with the foreign mobility students (mostly Erasmus+) studying at the STU in Bratislava in the winter semester of the academic year 2016/17.

The aim of the event was to provide the foreign mobility students coming to STU with the information about Slovakia, the study system at the University, organizational and administrative formalities as well as other information that might be useful during their stay at the University. They also received the STU brochures "Profile" and "Guide for foreign students" and other STU promotional items.

A total of 97 foreign students were welcomed by Assoc. Prof. Ing. Š. Stanko PhD, vice-Rector for Education, who provided the basic information. Ing. I. Prelovský PhD, the Erasmus+ institutional coordinator, and Ing. P. Krajňáková, both of the STU Department of International Relations, then presented information about Slovakia, the University study system and administrative formalities the foreign students will need for their successful study and recognition of their study at their Alma Mater. Mgr. R. Remenárová, Director of the STU Institute of Lifelong Education (ICV) presented possibilities of the language and other courses for foreign applicants. Finally, Ing. L. Gallová, an STU representative of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), informed about free-time activities and overall assistance and support that the STU students involved in ESN are able and willing to provide to the incoming Erasmus + students.

The event programme:
1. Welcome to the foreign students and introduction of the UMV and ICV staff
2. Information about Slovakia (PR video)
3. Presentation of the STU and Erasmus+ activities (presentation)
4. STU study system (presentation)
5. Language and other courses for foreign applicants (presentation)
6. Information about ESN and practical information (presentation)

In the previous academic year, 113 Erasmus+ mobility students came to the STU; majority of them were from Spain (35), Turkey (14) and Italy (10). This year, there are 108 students registered for the winter semester and 39 for the summer semester respectively.

We believe that the event has enhanced positive experience of the foreign students coming to STU and it will help them successfully master study in this University. Let’s also believe that the foreign mobility students will become ambassadors of positive information about STU and Slovakia in their home countries.