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STU operates more than 5,000 places in dormitories in Bratislava and almost 1,300 places in Trnava. 50 percent of the accommodation capacity is newly renovated.

In a pandemic situation dormitories represent a high-risk environment for the spread of coronavirus. The STU Crisis Group has prepared a basic set of instructions for the initial process of moving-in to dormitories (for the full English and Ukrainian versions of the guidelines please see here). 

Guidelines for the Fall 2020 Check-in, in short:

  • Teaching in academic year 2020/2021 starts on September 21st.
  • Accommodation in dormitories is possible from September 2nd.
  • Only residents coming from the safe countries can move-in, please follow the actual update of the safe countries' list here: https://korona.gov.sk/en/travelling-to-slovakia-and-covid19/#safe-countries
  • Residents are obliged to submit a solemn declaration before accommodation, available here. 
  • The M-D-H (mask-distance-hands) principle applies in all common areas at the dormitories. The obligation to wear a mask does not apply ONLY to the time of stay in one's own room.
  • Residents coming to Slovakia from high-risk countries can move-in to the dormitory ONLY after passing the minimum 5-day isolation and passing the RT-PCR test for COVID-19 with a negative result. The test must be performed on the territory of the Slovak Republic. Note: The procedure is supposed to take 8-9 days minimum (5 days of isolation plus 3 days for the test's result). The cost of the 9-day stay will be about 150 Euro and it must be paid in cash when checking-out. The cost of the PCR test should be paid by Ministry of education.
  • For the needs of isolation of residents coming to Slovakia from the high-risk countries the University operates a quarantine center in Gabčíkovo (app. 50 km outside Bratislava). The service will be available from September 7th.
  • Transport from Bratislava to Gabčíkovo will be provided on set dates. For the schedule and reservations please see here
  • It is not recommended to organize any joint events in dormitories. 
The guidelines will be gradually updated with instructions for resolving crisis situations if local outbreaks occur. For the actual updates please follow your e-mail (AIS), STU Facebook page and the website.