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Owing to the restrictions resulting from anti-epidemic measures, the ceremony was held online.

"I intend to restore the original meaning of “university”: we are universitas magistrorum et scholarium, a community of teachers and students, whose elements must find their way to each other through dialogue and discussion, while involving the best students in the processes of education and research, thus forming the teams able to compete in the international labour division," said Oliver Moravčík, the STU Rector in his address.

The full speeches of Oliver Moravčík, the STU Rector, and Marián Peciar, the Chair of the STU Academic Senate, are available at ....

Speeches of Oliver Moravčík (.pdf 0,5 MB)
Speeches of Marián Peciar (.pdf 0,2 MB)

Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbJDg_1jxNI