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Degree Students

The Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava is a research oriented university, cooperating with industry and has strong international links. During its existence, the University has made a significant contribution to the development of scientific knowledge, and the enrichment and application of scientific knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

The University pursues research in all the areas, in which the University education is provided, in the areas of architecture, civil engineering, geodesy, cartography, chemical technologies, food processing, machinery, electrical engineering, electronics, informatics, information and communication technologies, and applied physics, mathematics, economics, and social science as well.

The STU recognizes the great potential of the extension of communication networks supporting the transfer of know-how gained in the University into practice. The objective is to find appropriate ways of commercialising and ensuring economic valorisation for the ideas engendered at the University, and to allow these ideas to contribute to the development of an entrepreneurial environment of sophisticated activities, thereby contributing to increasing the prestige of Slovakia at the same time.

The University has signed about 1 057 industrial contracts (Volkswagen, Siemens, IBM, ESET, etc.) and cooperates with 299 partner institutions from about 47 countries around the world.